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My flair

I don't much care for Facebook, but everyone is on it and so am I. It helps me keep in touch with some people I wouldn't much keep in touch with otherwise. So I guess it's useful. Sort of.

But I love my flair. Love it! Here's my current flair.

my current flair on facebook

I can have all these buttons without having them clutter up my house. Brilliant!


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Will you be my friend :)


25 pieces of flair! Not bad...

Hooked on Houses

How fun! I love your selection of Flair (and I love the movie "Office Space," so I can't help but smile just hearing the word "flair").

I'm on Facebook, but I don't do anything like this with it. My page is very plain and boring. -Julia

Monkey's Momma

I know! I'm such a kid. I love my flair too! I have Star Wars, Drake and Josh, iCarly, SpongeBob, Bon Jovi and Johnny Cash, among others. Quite a mix, huh? (P.S. I'm almost 40)


So funny! Great flair! And yes I love the movie Office Space too!
I'm not a facebooker - although I do have friends on it so I know what you mean about trying to stay in touch. I should pop over there more often....


I didn't know you could have flair on facebook, hmmm, I'm going to have to investigate that lol.

Fifi Flowers

I love creating flair butttons from my art work!

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