Tasty treat

Pumpkin muffins

V and I are making Farmgirl Fare's Spicy Pumpkin Pecan Raisin Muffins. Except that I didn't put in any pecans (only because V wouldn't like them and isn't used to eating nuts yet, normally I'd be all about the pecans) and I substituted chocolate chips for raisins. I'm sneaky that way. Wherever I can sneak some chocolate in, in it will go! Chocolate is the fifth food group. Isn't it?!

pumpkin muffins 003

They're in the oven right now. I can smell them. Mmmm-mmmmmmmm!

pumpkin muffins 011

Miss V couldn't wait and took a little taste before they went in.

I'll let you know how they are in a bit...


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Wayfaring Wanderer

Oh my, wook at dat wittle tongue! Save one for me will ya?!


Wow--I can smell them from here! Bring them when you come over for cookies!


It's funny how the first day of autumn brings out certain cravings - I baked with pumpkin today also. Mine was pumpkin from a can (that has nothing to do with autumn) and there was no chocolate in it, but it tasted like fall nonetheless!


Ack! The link to the recipe didn't work for me. Can you post it? They look great and perfect for the start of autumn. Thanks!


Soooo - how did they turn out? They look delicious. I am dying for pumpkin soup if it would only drop lower than 80 degrees around here.


thea - the link should work now. sorry! that was my fault and i forgot to check it after i posted. thanks for letting me know.


andrea - stick around - the results are coming up!


I love pumpkin anything in the fall...I'll have to try these out...they sound great!


How cute is that :) i am glad you let her do the tasting :D

Fighting Windmills

LOL! That shot of V's tongue is precious!


Thanks, y'all! :)

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