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September October November and random thoughts

My brother is getting married in less than two weeks. So we'll be going to North Carolina for the wedding. I got V the cutest dress on Etsy for the wedding. I'm not sure I have anything to wear. I need to check my closet to see if what I think I'm going to wear actually looks ok together. My mom has made a felt book for V and she'll be bringing it for her. She made one for us when my brother and I were small and it was our favorite toy. I can't wait to see what this one has in it - I'm hoping it'll be just the distraction she needs to get through the wedding without one of us having to walk around with her, missing the love.

V's third birthday is in October. We're planning to drive down to Georgia to have a family birthday party. I am looking forward to taking pictures of the old fireplace. I have a few pictures I took a couple of years ago with my point and shoot,

Georgia 020

but I'm very excited about getting new shots with my D80.

My dad lives very near where my mom's father was born and lived until circumstances took them to the city. They were farmers. Out there in the country is a small graveyard where Granddaddy's parents and other relatives are buried, the fireplace above that was a part of one of the houses they lived in, and a big bunch of nice houses in a new subdivision on the land they once worked. Rumor has it that they used to have their own mill there and I always wondered when it was torn down and by whom. It's always a quick weekend when we go down there, but I'm hoping that I can wander off and get some photos.

I was born on Thanksgiving Day, and this year my birthday will be on Thanksgiving again. It happens about every seven years. Growing up, I always liked having been born around Thanksgiving. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I always had off school for my birthday because of the holiday. I think this year my mom will come up for Thanksgiving. And I'm sure she will make my grandmother's cornbread dressing and, with that and a few cans of cranberry sauce (yeah, i prefer the stuff that comes out shaped like the can.), it will be a satisfying holiday indeed.

I'd better get finished unpacking before the holidays, huh? Actually, we're waiting on a bookcase to be delivered in the next couple of weeks and then I think we'll be able to start getting it together a bit more easily. Right now I open a box and think, gee, I don't have anywhere to put that. I'm not sure why I think a bookshelf is going to solve that problem for me, but I do. Now is the time when I really wish I could sew - we need several sets of curtains before it gets cold. V was up at 4 am this morning and I think it would help if we had light-blocking curtains.

Also, the cat has started scratching my new blue chair. I might start looking for a recipe for white cat soup if she keeps it up.

Not really. Miss Kitty always wears me down with those green eyes and that sweet little face.



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I have camera envy big time!! My birthday is Nov 15 and I love having my birthday around Thanksgiving...It is my absolute favorite time of year!


That chimney is very cool. I hate to think that developers may get a hold of it and tear it down. Love your cat, too.

Wayfaring Wanderer

I like to take photos of stand alone chimneys too! Cody and I have thought about doing an entire book about them.......


Gorgeous puss!


What a gorgeous photo of your kitty! Can't wait to see the photos you bring back from the wedding!


oh my gosh, what a beautiful cat! My daughters dream of having a cat like that. My husband and son are terribly allergic so we can't right now, but some day!

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