Pumpkin muffins

Tasty treat

Ah, yes. The muffins turned out lovely. Big, warm chocolately pumpkiny deliciousness. I highly recommend them. I've tried several of Farmgirl Susan's recipes and they have never disappointed. Pretty good with cream cheese on them too. I didn't buy nearly enough cream cheese, though - gotta save some for the bagels.

pumpkin muffins baked 007

V could hardly wait until they cooled down to have one.

pumpkin muffins baked 008

Today the mail brought the dress V is going to wear to my brother's wedding. I got it from etsy and it is super cute! I tried to match the dress to the personalities of my brother and his fiancee. They're not your average Joe/Josephine and I doubt if this will be your average wedding. Will try to take a picture of her in the dress tomorrow. Of course you have to be careful about these things - when she sees it, she'll want to try it on immediately and then she won't want to take it off and then all of a sudden it's covered in peach yogurt and then the crying begins (that'd be me crying, not her).


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Those look yummy!


lol @ you crying...:))
Mom would tell me that even i used to choose my own clothes right from like 4 yrs :)


Wow-I had a lot of catching up to do!! A week with no power and it seems everyone else is busy, getting things done. Those muffins look yummy.

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