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V's first photos

These are the first photos that V has taken all on her own. I've offered her the camera (my old Canon PowerShot A80) before and had to help her hold it and press the shutter button, but yesterday she saw the camera on the table and took it of her own initiative. She was more than able to take these photos all on her own. They make me so happy!

I'm sure most not-quite-3-years-old photographers have lots of shots like this one. Lovely color, isn't it?


Happy girl!



Long and skinny feet, just like her mom.


These photos I helped her with. She was looking at the screen, which she had swiveled out, and was laughing at being able to see herself. She held the camera and I pressed the shutter button.


Notice the skull shirt. She picked it out herself and R bought it for her (on sale for $1.99). I probably wouldn't have bought it, but he did the right thing. She loves this shirt. I much prefer my girlie girl, but I'm keeping my mouth shut about it. R says that if we have a boy next, at least we will have one shirt to hand down to him. So, you know, there's that!


Well, the good news is that R went in to work early today, so he will get off earlier and I don't have to stress about V staying awake quite so late. That's a big relief. The bad news is that all my shoes are size 10 and, after having V, my feet are size 10.5. I don't really have time/inclination to go out on a wild goose chase for size 10.5 shoes - I already know they'll be very difficult/impossible to find in stores. So I plan on having squished feet for the wedding and bringing tons of Band-Aids.

There are a million things to do today and I feel more like going back to bed. It's dark and rainy out, slightly cool, and I'd rather bake an apple crisp than get ready for travel. V wants to bake more muffins.

Thanks to everyone who left me a comment on my sewing questions. I have a lot to think about.

So what are you doing this weekend?


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She's adorable! My feet grew (or flattened or whatever you call it) when I had kids too (fortunately only with the first one!). I had to throw out all my old shoes - it was such a bummer.

I hope your feet survive the wedding!


she looks darling in red! and I love the pics!! I'm about to post a video bean and I did where she got to watch herself on the flip screen. she got a kick out of it

why can't you guys live closer? *sigh*


Hey! What a nice way to start taking great pictures! :)

sorry for you feet, I hope they won't hurt too much during the wedding... good luck for that day and the travel, hope you are going to have a great week-end! :)


Oh so cute! She's on her way to taking great photos like her mommy! You two should head out on a photo scavenger hunt! :)

lisa e.

My husband would totally be thrilled if I dressed A in a shirt like that. Heck, my first born is a boy, so when A was born I was excited I could dress her in girly things! She does though, were some of her big brothers hand me downs. =)


After my first son was born my husband asked me why I needed all new shoes. "After all" he said "it's just a half a size". Hmmm.

Safe travels!

zakka life

what fun photos your daughter took. watch out, next she might want her own blog. :)


I love these photos that V took! Great job!

Try looking online for new may not get them in time for the wedding, but at least you'll have some good shoes!


aw! a budding photographer...fantastic! i'll have you know that sabine has an affinity for anything skull-like or scary. she'd love V's shirt.

hope you're enjoying the wedding...


Hope you guys enjoyed the trip. I have so much catching up to do on your blog. This dial up thing really sucks. By the time I get the page up and start reading, one of the kids starts crying.

Love the cupcakes and muffins. V, your pics are really cool.


my feet survived the wedding! i put band-aids all around and they felt just fine at first - then i realized i missed a major spot. but it was tolerable.

i wish i could share some photos of the wedding, but you gotta respect folks' privacy. it was a beautiful wedding. perfectly them.


I love V's pictures! We share a penchant for the color orange and for taking pictures of our feet.


ha ha I love it I give Addy the camera too. We did opposite I do boy clothes and grandma steps in and slams us with girl clothes. So maybe you could say she got her punk rock phase out at 3 and never have to see it as a teen. *) I hear ya feet I am at a 9 where 7.5/8 before. My poor shoe collection.

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