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And now for something completely different

Well, maybe not completely different, but I'm in a Monty Python sort of mood lately.

I don't profess to know much of anything about photography. Sure, I know some things. I have worked very hard to know these things I know. But out of All There Is To Know About Photography, I know only a little.

It seems that I have gotten to this point where I am right now with my photography and I'm not really learning much new. And, well, I can't have that. So I was thinking about what I could do, given my time and budget constraints, that might propel me forward. Or at least give me a new experience or two.

Then the other day, V and I were outside. I'd just bought us a rake and raked a couple of piles of leaves for her to pounce on. I decided that I would actually flip the camera into black and white mode - normally I just convert photos to black and white in Photoshop if I think they'll look nice that way. Well, something clicked. I was having flashbacks to my early 20s and buying loads of Kodak Tri-X Pan film, dreaming of the day when I could learn how to develop it myself. It was freeing. I get a bit wrapped up in my photos being sharp that I'll often reject pictures that aren't as sharp as I'd like. And some of them might be perfectly good photos - it's very hard for me to tell sometimes. With black and white that doesn't matter as much to me. Black and whites aren't always supposed to be sharp.

I never did learn to develop b&w film and won't likely be doing that anytime soon, but I decided that the kick in the butt I've been needing is to spend a month taking only black and white photos. November 1-30, that's what you'll see here. So prepare yourself; it might get pretty stark.

resting, lighter

Or not.

playing with leaves 254

It might instead be a celebration of light and shadow,

playing with leaves 216

 of more pure emotion,

playing with leaves 071

of details that might have gone unnoticed before.

I'm not making any promises, but that's what I'll be shooting for.

Wish me luck.


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Good luck! But, I am sure you don't need it because:
a) your pictures looks great already (this doesn't mean that cannot improve, I am sure that even great artists keep learning till death).
b) You got a great subject, that's unfair! ;P

About these pictures, IMHO ... the 4th is the one I prefer, the 3rd is interesting, i still cannot understand which is the point of view :)... is V surrounded by leaves?

I hope to have soon (probably this w/e) the chance to try the recipe you sent me, wish me luck! It is necessary, especially for those ones that will have to taste what I'll cook. ;P


I love this idea. There's something very classic about black & white.


elisa - yes, she's sitting in a pile of leaves and throwing them up over her head. i liked her joy and the confusion of the photo.

leslie - thanks! i'm looking forward to doing something new - new to me anyway.


B&W has gotten lost in this digital age. Or else it's corny - contrived (when converted after the fact). It's a good idea - to dispense with the color in the shooting and see things otherwise missed. Good luck and I hope you'll share your work and discoveries.


they're so energetic! i love the b&w -- it flips a switch in the brain that makes you look at the picture differently.

Fighting Windmills

Well, then I'm looking forward to seeing this November series. Have fun with it!


I love black and white, and these are gorgeous. Can't wait to see more.


This is a coincidence. When I was visiting my brother, my sister-in-law said that she liked to turn her camera to b&w mode because it made her think differently about shooting the photo. I was thinking about this just the last few days. I didn't turn my camera to b&w mode, but I was thinking in terms of taking photos that I could then turn into b&w, and it made me think more about light and subject and not so much about how harmonious the colors were and how they matched the background, etc. etc. Maybe I'll join you and turn my camera to b&w mode for a while.


P.S. I LOVE these photos!


Oh!! I love! The second is my favorite. Love the chin :)

Wish the first one was brighter... LOVE her expression. And I love love LOVE the dress. Where'd you get that?

(P.S. Regardless of my comment about the lightening of the first one, they're all stinkin' awesome. It's more because I want to see her face. it could be the color on this ancient machine I'm on. Coming home tomorrow!)


jen - ok, i lightened and replaced the first one - you're not the only one to mention that to me. :) i can take a hint!

the dress R picked up on super sale at old navy. i never would've picked it, but it's a winner! it's actually green and navy.

glad you'll be home soon! though i shutter to think of all the shots you missed. of course i've never been to texas, so i'm sure i would've gone crazy taking pictures.

Laura @ the shorehouse.

You may profess to know nothing about photography but you have an amazing eye! And that can not be learned.

I love these photos!! I'm torn between the second and the forth as my favorites.

Hope you're having a great weekend (and taking great photos! :-)


Beautiful photos! I'm in the market for a new dig cam. I've always gone point n shoot and we're slowly investigating getting something a little nicer--maybe with a lens that we can choose settings or something. I dunno. Would you mind sharing what type of camera you have? When I see shots like this I always want to know what type of camera people use. Gorgeous work!

Monkey's Momma

I always love your photos, and look forward to what you come up with. I just bought my very first SLR and I am so excited to learn what I can do with it!


I came here from PepperPaints. I love this idea and I will be following you. Your photos are gorgeous!


fun fun fun stuff. I miss film a lot. I think pretending what I knew went way out the window when I hit digital... now its all play. ha ha They look great, what fun shots!!! Have a blast with it. that's what its all about.

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