Supersoft green scarf
I forgot my mittens

Blue lichen, green moss

Before tomorrow, and my black and white project, begins, I figured I'd post the last of my favorite photos from our trip to Georgia last weekend.

i <3 acorns

I have a thing for moss. And my dad's front yard has a ton of it. But it was kind of muddy from recent rains so I didn't want to lay on the ground to take my photos - I shot them blind. Then I cropped what I thought were the best/most interesting parts.

i <3 moss

They also have these really pretty old trees that are just covered with lichen. Does that mean the air is really fresh out there? I didn't know lichen could be so blue.

i <3 roots

Here's a plant growing in a pot in the backyard. I should know the name of it, but I am drawing a blank. Anyone want to help me out? I have a thing for purple, though. Always have.

i <3 purple

This is one of those pictures that just happened. Perhaps there's something in Photoshop that I could do to make it better, but I like it just the way it is. The center section of my blog is 500 pixels and so is the photo, so Typepad cuts off just a bit on the right of every photo I post from flickr. If you click on the photo to go to flickr, it looks just a bit more symmetrical with her standing between the two trees.

i <3 v

The colors were beautiful on the trip home. I couldn't figure out the right settings on my camera to catch them as they were. The colors were more vibrant, but the light was absolutely golden, as you can see.

changing colors in the golden light

Tomorrow, the look of my blog will change. In my new header for November, I have a quote from a song. If you know it, you might win a prize - details tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a happy Halloween tonight, for tomorrow is All Saints' Day.


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OH OH that was very much beautiful color in your photos ~ let november begin!

Wayfaring Wanderer

I really like the point of focus in the shot of that purple veg......very cool!

p.s. Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

kari & kijsa

Have a safe and happy Halloween!
kari & kijsa


I heart moss too! the pictures you took are beautiful. I am interested in your black and white project. I LOVE to do black and white. I have a lot of family sessions I am doing now. So I will see what I can pull off.


Your purple veggie is Kale! I am getting ready to make the switch!!


These are absolutely fabulous!! It makes me a little sad to think you are going b&w for a whole month, even though I am looking forward to what you shoot then.


The new blog graphic and the header are amazing! I look forward to see your B&W pictures! :)
The last pictures you posted are fantastic, especially the one with the purple plant (maybe because I love that color too? :) ), the tree with the lichen is dreamy and the last picture is absolutely stunning!
Oh, of course, but I am repeating my self... the picture with V is lovely :)

P.S. Sorry for the bad grammar ;)


These photos are amazing! Especially the last one.

I love the new look!!!!!

Thanks for the photos of Aidan...they are priceless! I'll write you when I have more time.

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