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I took this picture yesterday afternoon - the leaf was in V's play water table out in the yard, which had a little bit of water from the rain the other day and it just looked so pretty.

Today I got a skein of yard and some knitting needles. I'm going to make V a scarf. Seems easy enough. I can't wait to get started. I've decided that I should start with knitting and then make my way to sewing. Seems less expensive and would take up less room in our tiny home. Now if I can just get my new pair of knitting needles away from V - they've got dried sticky rice all over them from the sushi we had for lunch and she's using them to play drums on a few rolls of paper towels.


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Very stunning shot!

Fighting Windmills

Wow! I like the blue in your photo. How pretty! My husband and I saw a Singer sewing machine advertised in today's newspaper inserts for $99 and he said we should get it. I would love to, but it still seems like a big investment. I actually thought of you and wondered if you were still thinking about a machine. But by mentioning the knitting needles/ohashi/drum sticks, you've answered my question. ;)


We were just talking at the last SOFH meeting how some of us need to get together and get *someone* to show everyone who is interested how to knit/crochet. Of course they were looking at me the whole time. haha. Really subtle, guys. Anyhow maybe we'll get that worked out one day! I could show you some tricks and help you figure out how to read the patterns. That is, if you even need help.

And I LOVE the photo today! Wow!! Such amazing contrast between that aqua blue and burnt orange!


Good luck! I hope you find it fun and relaxing.

Monkey's Momma


Monkey's Momma


Monkey's Momma



LOVE the colors in that. Great composition!!! I keep trying the knitting, everything comes out delapitated (sp?) and the crocheting HA round warbly hats (they weren't meant to be hats, they were meant to be scarves!) ha ha
Show us the scarf when you are done, I for one am always amazed. ha ha


Sounds like a great, relaxing project! This is an awesome photo!


love that photo. Great colors!

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