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Corn maze

Saturday we went to the corn maze at Stickley Farm. We had lots of fun in the kiddie maze. It's been a really long time since I've been in a cornfield. The weather was fine, the sun was warm, and the corn stalks made for some fun photo taking.

v corn maze 033

v corn maze 041

V had the best view of the maze, I think.

corn maze 072

We also went on the hayride, which was lots of fun. We saw the sights...

v corn maze 084

...and V got painted with "war paint" (poke berries), which she didn't enjoy as much as the picture makes it look like she did.

v corn maze 092

Then it was time for some food - "bolony burgers" and cherry slushies. Tasty treat!

corn maze 143

One of the farm dogs waited patiently for a little taste of our lunch. What a beauty he is! V thought he was the greatest. She kept saying, "Oh, what a sweet little whippet dog!"

v corn maze 115

V played and played on the playground they had, but eventually it was time to go. we have to?!

v corn maze 138

The ride home was beautiful, as always. I love the rolling hills of Tennessee.

corn maze 167


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Wayfaring Wanderer

What fun, I can't wait to go back to the one around here.


What a great day, and what wonderful sights! I hope I can go there someday :)
The pictures you are fantastic!


looks like fun. beautiful photography too.


Drives in the autumn are my favorite. This past weekend, at peak leaf time, I found myself taking the longer route wherever I went. Corn mazes (maizes???!!!) always remind me of my favorite days at the farm with my family!


Lovely pictures, Hope you had a fun time :)


It does look like the perfect day! I've never been to Tennessee but that last photo makes me want to visit.


I love this time of year. Love the first photo -all the flare! And the last one looks like Some English country side!


amazing terrain! gorgeous! looks like a quintessential autumn day and you made the most of it. great memories, i'm sure...


I saw all these photos on Flickr too...they are so beautiful.

Monkey's Momma

Great pics, as always!


Dude, you live in a gorgeous area.

And your family is stinkin' cute.

I'm feeling a little guilty that I took um, not ONE picture of texas scenery. yeah, I know. I KNOW.


OH Love #1 & #2! I still haven't done a corn maze!!! Arrrgh! They look like so much fun. They have a haunted one here. Dying to try. It looks like you guys had a blast. Ok so is a bologna Burger like fried bologna sandwhiches? Curious! Poke berry face painting how cute. It's amazing the differences and u guys r only a state away. So beautiful out there!


Gosh, these photos are just gorgeous.

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