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Except he forgot his nose and his flower that squirts water

Yesterday we went to the park in the late afternoon. We walked a bit with V in the stroller. We saw a dog riding in his own stroller. His name is Peanut and he loves being at the park; he goes for a walk there almost every day.

Peanut 2

V also danced on the stage for us.

V dancing on the stage at the park

Though our old favorite park in Knoxville was beautiful, this one has an equally impressive view.

The view at our favorite park 1

But the main event at the park yesterday was the clown.

After our walk, I sat down on a bench in the shade and a young man and his father joined me. When I heard the young man say he was going to go change into his clown suit, I was mighty surprised.

The clown at the park 1

He said he likes to make the kids happy by making them balloon animals. For us he made a dog, a flower, and a giraffe.

V with a balloon animal

He made lots of hats and swords and dogs and stuff for lots of little kids yesterday. He's a nice, gregarious kid.

The clown at the park 2

It was a pretty cool day at the park.


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Sounds idyllic.

India's hair looks very much like V's!


Sounds like a fun day. And as a dog lover, can I just say: that's not okay. At least Peanut seems to have retained some of his dignity.


ha ha. peanut looked pretty happy to me. at least his person says he is...


wow, i love the way V is looking at her baloon dog :))


What a nice kid!

Monkey's Momma

What a sweet kid!


You should give us a holler when you go to that park. It's our favorite.:)


That kid is going to have an awesome life if he keeps that outlook. Too few people are out and about to make other people's days brighter.

Oh the world would be a better place if we were.

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