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Mazie dresses up!

Is it possible to be in love with a fencepost?

While at my dad's this weekend for V's birthday party, we meandered around outside for a while. They live way out in the country on some really beautiful land.

I love this old fencepost.

GA 4 V BD 084

Is it possible to be in love with a fencepost?

GA 4 V BD 083

Or maybe it's just that lovely green I adore.

GA 4 V BD 085

And bits of things left behind.

GA 4 V BD 086

The actual story of this fencepost isn't as nearly as interesting as the story I could have made up about it, if I had the time today. It's not even really as old as it looks.

And then there's this little bit right here.

v GA 4 V BD 079

Roaming around outside in the chilly breeze - she doesn't mind the cold. She's the one I'm spending my time with today - and she's a lot more interesting than any story I could make up.

I'm definitely in love with her.


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Can I be in love with your photography?


Who could blame you. She's perfect. I hope her birthday festivities were excellent.


her clothes matches with her skin :) all pinks :))
cute lil one
god bless
mwah V, happy birthday again


*Pink i meant :)

Fighting Windmills

Welcome home. Your photos are great. I think you can be enchanted by a fence post, but not in love with one. Okay?


I don't know about "in love," but "seriously in like" maybe...


well, i'm in love with pretty much everything i take a picture of - at the time.

but the love fades and i move on to the next thing.



oh, and i do tend toward exaggeration.


what a face and what a fence post!


It's not impossible..I fell in love with a hook with elephant design on it back at my MIL's house and my hubby said I was crazy. The green moss on the fencepost is so amazingly attractive to me..I'd take those photos too if I were you. And that beauty in pink you have there..who'd resist to snap her photos? That kissable pink lips..


yay HLiza!


Oh, goodness - I'd definitely be in love with her, too. :)

I'm also in love with the fence and that green. Just beautiful!


She's a doll. LOVE the expression!

And I think I might have some feelings for that fence post too. Or maybe that's your photography :)


Wow, that fence post is beautiful. I am glad you spotted it. Too often people just walk by those little gifts.

Wayfaring Wanderer

I happen to love fence posts......this one is wicked cool!

Laura @ the shorehouse.

Why, yes; indeed I do think it is possible. :-)

Lovely, lovely pictures. I can see why you're in love with that cutie (the one that's not the fence post :-), too. She's a DOLL!


really beautiful colors on that fence post-I can see why you would love it!

robin bird

i totally had to laugh when i read the first sentence because at first all i saw was the photo and thought: "Oh! i am in love with that fence post!" girl i like your style! you take a good crisp photograph maya! i envy that...i am tripod dependent and it is a real pain.

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