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i love colorful glass

It's getting colder here. I've been looking forward to winter in a place where there's actually a chance of some decent snow. Farther south, where I've almost always lived, I remember winters of ice storms and at least one good snow a year where the power would go out for a few days and we'd keep the jug of milk in a small pile of snow on the back porch until we drank it all as hot chocolate. But the past several years, there really haven't been any major winter storms. Not that I'm wishing for an ice storm, but I always thought they were beautiful when I was the one without much responsibility, with no one to protect. I'm remembering my brother and I in the backseat of the car oohing and ahhing over the bare trees bending over with the weight of the ice while my mom slowly drove home from my grandparents' house (where we stayed whenever our power was out in the country), her knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel.

I'm very much looking forward to my November project - a month of black and white photos. Seems appropriate for many reasons. I'd like to extend the invitation to anyone who wants to join me. Don't feel that you have to spend the whole month in b&w mode like me, but if you want to that's cool too. Even if you just spend 15 minutes next month taking b&w photos, post them and let me know and I'll link to you. Shelli has already thrown her hat into the ring. Yay! I love company. If I were together enough, I'd make a little banner. Who knows? I might find time next week. I love the long month of October.

This morning, V was hugging me and she said, "It's my birthday!" I told her that, no, her birthday was yesterday - today is the day after her birthday. She walked away for a minute and when she came back she had tears in her eyes. She said in a small voice, "Am I still three?" Sweet, precious girl.

I'm almost finished knitting my first scarf - it's not half bad! It's for V. She keeps asking me if I'm done with her sweater yet. Ha. It'll be a while before I'm knitting a sweater.

The leaves are falling falling falling... This weekend we will be in Georgia for V's birthday party. Can't wait to see the pretty leaves along the way.


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the b/w project sounds interesting..:) Let me know the rules


The only real rule is that they should be photos that you take with your camera in black and white mode - no converting something from color to b&w in Photoshop. Other than that, have fun!

I plan to write something more about it to publish on November 1st, so stay tuned. :)


first of all may I say that your daughter's remark was priceless

count me in for the black and white november photos ~ not all since November is "colored leaves" in Texas!


Travel safely.

I'm looking very much forward to your new project. Not sure yet if I'll join in, but I'll be watching!


I spent several years in NM and when I went back North I had to re-learn winter driving. I forgot how hard/scary that can be, but man alive the first blizzard was a treat!

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