Is it possible to be in love with a fencepost?
History lost


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ADORABLE! (But my girl is only two months old so I'll have to wait on this.) Hmm . . unless I get bored during my meetings next week and I'll whip this out and start cutting!


hey - go save it to your computer for later. that's what i did. :)


I'm totally doing this... and instead of tabs? Velcro. Might make the naked doll look kind of weird, but it's easier for toddler fingers :)


Or, print it on magnetic paper?


i thought about magnets - i didn't know they made magnetic paper. i'll have to check into that! i know that V would love to color this (no telling what it'll look like, but that's cool).


Her things are so sweet - I'm in love with her calendar. I may just order that for myself. :0)

sarah jane

THanks for posting maya...

Another Idea is to laminate them, and then put stick on magnets on the back. Perfect for changing costumes on the fridge!


oh yeah! i like the fridge idea best. i'm always trying to think of fun things to do in the kitchen for V while i'm washing the boring dishes. :)

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