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Ok, here are some random photos, because I don't feel like writing separate posts for each thing.

First, here's one picture from my brother's wedding. Those flowers are fresh and pretty azaleas - so very Southern of them!

from my brother's wedding

Up next are the ATCs that V made at the park with the SOFH group. We had lots of fun, stayed 3 hours, and now my face and scalp are completely sunburned. Wearing block never even occurred to me. V did not burn. She seems to take after R in that regard - she browns, I burn.

Anyway, the lovely Ren and Laura brought art supplies and V was engrossed for I don't even know how long once the watercolors came out. A long time, for her. She loves to paint more than just about anything.

20081002 001 ATC with SOFH

20081002 002 ATC with SOFH

And the last thing I have to share before the weekend are a few houses I took pictures of around Johnson City.

I have a small obsession with this house. The shape of it appeals to me. I haven't gotten a good picture of it, though, because it's on a one-way street and I hate coming to a full stop in front of someone's home to take a picture out of my passenger window. Just seems rude somehow. Probably not any more rude than what I'm actually doing, but it feels that way to me.

jc houses 001

This one is old and lovely. Love that screen door and the window at top right.

jc houses 014

This one is cool.

jc houses 016

These two photos, I just like how they came out. The sky was absolutely gorgeous, with thick, fluffy white clouds everywhere and it was bright. I was hoping for another day like it today, but instead we just got a clear blue sky with no clouds. Bummer (ha!).

jc houses 021

jc houses 020

In case you didn't believe me about the clouds, this one is straight out of the camera.

jc houses 027

And here we are home again. This is the street that goes past our house.

jc houses 032

After narrowly missing rear ending a car that had just rear ended another car, I'm feeling pretty blessed today. It will be a busy weekend, but a good one I think. Hope yours is exactly as you want it to be.


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What a pretty cake! Our wedding cake somehow ended up being greenish with greenish flowers on it. Not attractive, but quite tasty if you closed your eyes before taking a bite.

I love those houses, especially the white one. That's just about my platonic ideal of a house.


that's probably my one regret about my wedding - we didn't have a cake. we went to florida by ourselves to marry and it seemed silly to have a cake made for just two people.


Love those houses! And I'm jealous of your pretty green road.


such pretty houses M :)


That road is GORGEOUS! Lucky duck :)

Fighting Windmills

Thanks for teaching me about ATCs. Those that V made are really special. Your photos are gorgeous. It seems pretty harmless to photograph someone's house, but I can understand your reluctance to park right out front and do it. People are unpredictable about their privacy and sometimes irrational.


All lovely photos...I love the white house, especially. And I'm impressed with V's artwork too!

The road you live on....gorgeous!


Beautiful!!! I have seen some pretty houses in Knoxville like that. Makes me want to move there. Soooo pretty! You are lucky gal!

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