Mr. Pine's Purple House - giveaway
The weather here today?


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So fun!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Ooh, pumpkin butter. Looks like it was worth the mess!

Laura @ the shorehouse

I love these photos! And I'm suddenly very hungry...:-)


I've never had pumpkin butter but yours is the second post I've read today suggesting that I should. I think I have my weekend project (okay, one of my weekend projects) picked out. Thanks!


Pumpkin butter looks so good!


I have had seeds but never the spread. It makes me want to try it. I don't like P. pie is it much different? looks yummy though. Cute picture with those narly pumpkin guts. ha ha


I didn't know you had a blog!! What lovely pics. I was laughing about that whole "photowalking" thing because I never knew there was an official name for it. :)
Whoda thunk?

Anyway, I had such fun painting with the wee one and hope to see you guys soon.


aw, i wish i knew about the pumpkin butter sooner. we got pumpkins 2 weeks ago (i know, a bit early but the farm is nice and empty). Our dog ate the pumpkin guts and a nice mound of pumpkin seeds that later came back up for an encore...poor girl!

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