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Supersoft green scarf

So many baby blankets, clothes, and accessories come made in really soft material - chenille, etc. I have a habit of naming such things "supersoft," so V has a supersoft yellow blankie and a pair of supersoft fleecie pants.

So I got a skein of Lion Brand chenille yarn in basil and just did a simple seed stitch that I saw on this video to make V a supersoft green scarf.

scarf 153

It's a hit!

scarf 146

And it was very simple. There are quite a few mistakes in it because I wanted to finish it more than I wanted to have it perfect. I like things that are imperfect (that's the excuse I'm giving anyway).

Next, I plan to try a scarf with cables. I've got some pretty charcoal gray yarn - but this one will be for me.


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zakka life

I really like the color you chose for the scarf, it's a nice rich color

great photos too :)

rachel whetzel

Very VERY cool!! I would like to learn to knit...

spread your wings

your daughter is SUPER cute and i love the scarf - it does look super soft - plus green is my favorite color.


That's such an awesome skill to have. I've never had the patience for stuff like that.

It's a gorgeous green!


thanks, y'all! i really enjoyed making it.


V is such a darling maya...any picture with her in it is just perfect :)

and cable stick i know :) wish i could help :)


That second picture is so stinkin' CUTE! (really, they both are... but I'm a sucker for non-traditional personality shots). Where'd you get that coat?


jen - got the coat on sale at old navy. :)


That scarf looks sooo soft. I love it. I've got to learn to do this someday.


I love imperfections!

lisa e.

oooooh, I love the color. My favorite. Can't wait to see more of your creations. I recently got some wool yarn to crochet (is that how you spell it? hummm) my little ones scarfs. We'll see.


I'm just catching up on the last month of your posts. These photos are just adorable Maya! And I love the scarf.

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