Brobee sad, Brobee happy

And V always happy.

brobee sad

We love our Yo Gabba Gabba around here, yes we do. We even follow the YGG production blog (because I'm a geek like that).

brobee happy

My name is V, and I like to dance!

For more fantastic b&ws, see Sheri's kids, kitty, and there are toes!, Sarah has two lovely photos that are full of texture, Monkey's Momma is trying out her new Nikon D60 (Go Team Nikon!), Toni has another beautiful picture of her aspen tree, Kristen's is black and white and a bit of green, Shelli has a sweet photo of her kitty Sophie, Jen has the demise of a bagel, ELK has photos from her front porch, and Tracey has a cool photo of her rearview mirror.

And a big thank you to Shutter Sisters for linking to all this November b&w fabulousness in their sidebar! Love you guys! I read you every day.

Are you loving these b&ws as much as I am? If you want to participate, consider yourself invited.


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She's a glamour girl.


My name is ELK and I like to dance too V...I am a preschool Music/Movement teacher and dance 3-4 hours each morning~ keep it up !


maya, I am loving this November in b&w! Thank you for doing it! The photos of V are totally cute!

spread your wings

your little girl is so precious.

I still haven't gotten around to doing a black and white yet. I do have a few weeks left so maybe I'll get in at least one contribution to your black and white month.


Your daughter is so adorable. And the lighting on these photos is wonderful!


My god she's a cutie!! I'm loving your b&w's!!


she is adorable! I love the photos, and that hat.

today's photo:

Monkey's Momma

Love those pictures of V! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for linking to me. I took some more today, so I will post them soon!

Fighting Windmills

Totally adorable! Thanks for sending so many new people my way.

lisa e.

We gotta get our kids on a playdate. Little I and baby A would love to dance with V.


your photos are so clear! They almost look like studio lighting. I took tons of circus pix today.

Kate in OH

New to your blog. came from Shutter Sisters. When I saw B&W's I had to venture over. What a great idea. I love B&W images.
Here is one I posted last friday.
I will be back to see others and link more of mine


I haven’t seen YGG but I think V looks sweet in the hat and gloves. She such a happy little girl.

I have another photo for you but it has a tiny bit of colour in it. It’s one I really liked and wanted to share.


Your daughter is absolutely adorable. You're going to have to lock her up when she gets older to keep the boys away!

Here's my next b&w addition:


mwah..doll she is


I really liked the safari and your daughter is adorable.
I think you might have missed my posts in b&w (but no biggie)...just did a second one
here it is


cute I just bought Addy a sweatshirt but didn't see the mits and boogin. Jealousy sets in cause we love our yo gabba gabba too.


Absolutely amazing portraits! And I love her hat...

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