What I'm telling myself
Snow day, of a sort


I love going to brunch.

cracker barrel 004

You get to relax for an hour, drink all the hot coffee you want, and then not clean anything up. Bliss.

cracker barrel 005

V likes to play with these pegs. We don't play the intended game yet, we just make them jump to different holes. She also likes the sugar packets, which she would love to open and just eat but we have to draw the line on that one.

cracker barrel 006

After brunch, we spend some time rocking in the rocking chairs and playing with the checkerboard. She doesn't play checkers yet either, but she loves playing with the pieces.

cracker barrel 003

It always makes me laugh how you can photograph something and it'll look pretty, but really it's just a tree in the parking lot of a chain restaurant.

cracker barrel 001

It's chilly here today and we're all sweatered up - the heat is on lowlowlow until the temperature really dips later this afternoon. Then it'll just be lowlow. I'm thinking we'll put on our coats and go outside until our noses are red, then back in for some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Or maybe we'll just stay inside and paint. Who can say?

What are you up to today?

Do b&w photos make your eyes happy? Then go cheer Amy up, enjoy some fall color with Toni, rock out with Kim, touch a lovely swan and hang out in her office with Shelli, have fun with Evee at Leslye's, wish Grandpa a happy 90th with Tracy, see the fall changes at Gayle's, and talk about a still life with Diane.

Want to join us? Please do - and tell all your photo-taking friends! Just be sure to email me or leave a comment with your link. Thanks!


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I love your pictures once more! I really like pictures of simple things. I added another set on my blog..
here is the link for you
Next time I will take my camera outside ;)


hope you all had some thing yummy ...your photos sure are! my favorite...the pegs like V


Your photos are great. I especially like the parking lot tree!


thanks, y'all! :)

Kim Payne

Reminds me of how Lizi would take all the Sweet n Low packets (which have music printed on them), line them all up on the restaurant table and pretend to sing the song. And how my mother-in-law would let her eat the butter all by itself when I wasn't looking.

My girls love the peg games too!


I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday - how you can really make anything look beautiful with the right photography! :)
I got to steal a few mmoments to myself today, and browsed through some thrift stores. So relaxing to me.


"It always makes me laugh how you can photograph something and it'll look pretty, but really it's just a tree in the parking lot of a chain restaurant"

What you just said it's close to one of the reason that made me falling in love with photography, you can appreciate beauty were there is no beauty (apparently).
Great pictures,as always!

I am glad you had such a lovely day! (Can I have a cup of hot chocolate too?;D).


V will eat all the butter too, if you let her. Ick!

Everybody come on over! Hot chocolate is ON!


beautiful b*w photos. looks like brunch was fun.


Boy, I wish I could pop over for some hot chocolate right now! I've been indoors hiding from the LA smoke for three days with some VERY stir-crazy kids. Your pictures look great, and I've really been enjoying seeing so much black & white creativity on all of the other blogs!


I really need to keep marshmallows on hand. Oh - you know what else is good in hot cocoa? A dollop of vanilla ice cream. I really need to keep ice cream on hand too. :)

These shots are gorgeous in b&w!

I remember that peg game fondly, though I was never very good at it.


These are really great images, Maya. That last one is perfection!

Today's b&w:

Diane Schuller

What a lovely post and these are really grand photos -- love each one. Now I'll go pay a visit to see the other b&w participants.

Monkey's Momma

I added another set on Monkey's Momma. Here it is:


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