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Moody and grey

Ok, it seems I can't stay away from my blog for an entire weekend. I tried. I really did. But R is working today, the living room and kitchen are just about as clean as they ever get, and V is playing happily with her Baby Chloe - so what's a girl to do?

While V was jumping into piles of leaves the other day, I found this leaf on the ground.


It had a cocoon in the curve of the back of it. I set it down to rest under a bush.

You might remember the poor, old crabapple tree from this summer. Well, here's what she looks like in November.

crabapple tree 1

There are only a few apples left, rotting beneath the tree. But the crazycool knots are still there.

crabapple tree 2

And the woodpecker lovebites.

crabapple tree 4

Looks very different now with all its leaves gone.

crabapple tree 3

She's moody and grey. She's mean and she's restless. Five dollars if you can tell me the name of that song.

Ok, not five dollars. But definitely a wow, I thought I'd be the only one.

For more beautiful black and whites, see Liss' lovely flower in her starting-from-scratch garden, yellow-leaved trees and such a big boy! from Shelli, Keri gives us shadows, Elizabeth shares some heavy machinery, Cloudscome has a motorcycle and the light of life, and Toni's photo is set to a Longfellow poem.

Have you been posting your black and white photos but not seeing them here? Maybe you forgot to email me (or leave a comment) with the link! Let me know and I'll link to yours ASAP.

And if you'd like to join in, there are still 21 days left in November. Plenty of time.


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Here's the link to my flickr, which is where I posted some of my black and white photos .... it's the perfect November day for more black and white!


Too funny, I was just outside this morning taking some images of my aspen tree, one of which will be posted tomorrow. Very nice!

My b&w for today:


These are gorgeous photos, Maya.


Oops, I forgot. "Election Day"


I love the moody-ness of the shots here. and seeing the change in the season (leaves are all gone). How I wish I had 4 seasons where I am.

I have been enjoying all the B/W photos that you and everyonelse have taken. So far and the challenge has been fun. I look forward to seeing more from everyone.

I have updated with more B/W photos so please come visit and leave a comment :P


love the woodpecker lovebites!!


I love the woodpecker lovebites! And I'm coming up with nothing on the song lyrics but it's irking me...


Gee, woodpeckers can do some damage. The last photo in the post is very moody. I really like the almost purple tinge it has. It adds that something special to the shot.


your images are full of textures and moods...I am learning so much taking shots in b/w thanks Maya


Here's my b&w for today:

Wayfaring Wanderer

The last shot with the branches is my fav!! It is definitely 'moody'.


the first and the last are my favorites!

lisa e.

Great photos. I love them! You have a great eye.

by the way...I'm jealous. I've been wanting a Nikon D60 for ever...some day. Maybe Santa will bring it this year...maybe.


It's from Election Day by Arcadia. It not just a line form the verse in the song, but also the title of the instrumental remix on the original 12" single b-side. (ok, I got my geek on there)

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