Greeneville, TN, Pt. 1
What I'm telling myself

Greeneville, TN, Pt. 2

So, while there are many buildings to love in the downtown area of Greeneville, TN - like the Capitol Theatre ...

v Greeneville, TN 157

... there are also some amazing, inspiring churches. I mean, wow, look at this!

v Greeneville, TN 167


v Greeneville, TN 054

Those windows!

v Greeneville, TN 051

The sign on this church says it was built in 1780.

v Greeneville, TN 029

And then there are the houses. This one was my first favorite. I love how the shutters are not exactly straight.

v Greeneville, TN 018

But then I saw this one and it was my favorite. I love all the different textures.

v Greeneville, TN 174

And then I saw this one and I just got confused. They're all my favorites!

v Greeneville, TN 129

There is always charm in the disarray of an old Southern home.

v Greeneville, TN 099

And if you believe that too, you'd be particularly charmed by my house - but that's another story.

Anyway. This house got me - the lace curtains, the gingerbread details. I could care less about the gutter. Seriously. If I lived in this house, I would serve tea every afternoon.

v Greeneville, TN 077

Do you think the people who live here can hang out on their roof? I've always wondered that. From down below, it looks like you could have a party up there.

v Greeneville, TN 025

I believe that window above the door is called a fanlight. So cool.

v Greeneville, TN 023

Even the not-quite-so-ornate homes have gorgeous details.

v Greeneville, TN 094

I turned down one or two of the side streets and was floored by the number of beautiful old homes. I didn't even see half of what's there before it was time to go home.

v Greeneville, TN 138

Can't wait to go back.

v Greeneville, TN 184

I have 31 photos in my Greeneville set on flickr, if you care to see them all, and I will probably add some more to them in a few days. And I have 90 photos in my black and whites set. Not all of them have made it onto the blog, so check them out if you're interested. I kinda like seeing them all together like that.

Happy weekend!


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I LOOOOOVE these shots! Makes me want to come visit Greeneville!

I really need to get out and shoot some more in our town while I'm doing mostly b&w shots. It's a neat old town made of mostly historical district homes. Some have told us that our house would even qualify as historical district if we'd just register it (build 1911). But WOW at that church built in the 1700s. AMAZING! I hope to be posting more B&Ws this weekend. Such fun!


I really liked the crooked shutters - and the multi-textured house. Ahhhhhhhh .. to live the life of a southern belle - spending afternoons with a glass of lemonade on a giant wraparound porch.


What wonderful looking buildings...I especially like the one of the house whose shutters weren't "exactly straight" :P

It's also interesting that half way around the world, I see a Capitol Theatre (which I have one here too although it's a cinema now).


the homes you have here and on flickr celebrate the joys of both old homes and black and white ~ you are doing a beautiful job with this whole project!


Gorgeous! Gorgeous!


My husband grew up in Shaker Hts, Ohio (on the other side of the tracks) but the houses there are incredible. We always drive around and dream!

Kate in OH

These are gorgeous homes. OMWord!
Can I move there? lol
Heading over to you flickr site to check out the rest.. make me more envious!


Such great buildings and homes! My little town has exactly two homes that are of any interest at all. The rest are small uninteresting cottage homes or ranch-style houses. The town just isn't that old, comparatively speaking.

Today's b&w:


I love the black and white tour. So stark and beautiful. The architectural details pop. Love it!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

You find the most interesting houses. They have so much character. They're even more interesting to look at in black and white--makes them look timeless.


I love these older homes so much! What beautiful architecture! :)


Awesome! A flickr set. I'm on my way. Hooray! Greeneville! Beautiful work, as always, Maya.


And by the way, you always take these pictures of places just days after I've been there. The Gray Fossil Site post was like the NEXT DAY after I'd been. I live in Gray, and had never been before, and then you post pictures of it. I'm spoooooooked!


They just keep getting better and better. THESE are my favorites so far.


From flickr to shutter sisters to a tiny side link on there I found your blog! I LOVE this place! I mean, your blog. I can tell it will become a regular stop for my inspiration, between the words and the imagery. Beautiful!


I love when you share photos of the places you visit. You always notice the most interesting little details and bring out their beauty in your pictures.

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