Greeneville, TN, Pt. 2

What I'm telling myself


For more beautiful b&ws, visit with Toni's angel and her stack of books, take a walk with Kristen, check out the R.R. Venture and more boats with Diane, enjoy Carson the cutie with Tracy and Aidan laughing by the momiji with Shelli (which has a bit of color to it, but I don't know, it works for me), tour Singapore's Boat Quay area and see a night view of the city with Howard, and then peruse the fall changes over at Gayle's.

Love taking b&w photos? Come on and join us. Just 15 days left in the month!


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So cool! I didn't spend much time on the computer yesterday, so I'm hoping to get some time today to browse everyone's b&w's! Here's mine for today:

Thank you again, maya!


thanks for the simple reminder this day ~


You betcha!!


great photo - and reminder :)

melody is slurping life

Indeed! Love the b&w project.


Definitely! :)


OMG-- is that in Greeneville?????? I think I took a picture of the opposite side of that sign just last week.

It said...

What's missing?

It was so cheesy that I had to take a picture. Had to.


Can we have an "amen" to that?

Contrary to what it might sound like in my first paragraph on my post, I have been enjoying the b&w challenge. Fall color isn't really fall color in b&w, though...

Diane Schuller

I just finished visiting each of the entries in this post -- thanks for pointing us to more enjoyable photos.

amy j

I cannot get enough of b&w's. There is something so basic and expressive about them. A b&w has the ability to put the focus right where you want distractions.


True, true.


I have a new b/w photo. Sorry I can't stop to chat. I have lost internet access at home. I am at work now and my usage is monitored here so I must be quick and get out of blog land.

Hoping they will fix my internet problem in the next few days and I will be back on line. I am missing all the lovely Black and White shots everyone is taking.



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