Moody and grey


Two cats, contentedly looking out the window. Human walks in and sits down.

jealousy 001

Wylie, all of a sudden, I would prefer it if you were not here.

jealousy 002


jealousy 003

<doubt begins to creep in. low self-confidence rears its ugly head.>

jealousy 004

Perhaps if I move closer to the human and begin purring, she will pet me and I can forget about Miss Fussy Pants over there.

jealousy 005

If I could just get in front of you here, Wylie, that'd be great. Yeah, thanks buddy.

jealousy 006

He'd better run.

jealousy 007

Who needs him anyway?

jealousy 008

Three minutes go by. Wylie comes back and stretches out near the window.

jealousy 009

As long as he stays over there, I guess that's ok with me.

jealousy 010

For now.


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Love b&w pictures? Then, please, join us!


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I love that crazy eyebrow!


me too!


Those pusses were made for B&W!


That is funny!


jellusee, she haz it :)


What a funny cat dialogue!


too cute! lovely pics!


Your photos are, as always, stunning...even makes me want kittens although I am terribly allergic. I got my tea pot at JoAnns after Halloween for mega clearance. I'd been eying it for a while and suddenly it happened to be on serious sale and in my basket so I bought it. I love, love it ... and have been drinking tons of tea out of it.


Just purrfect. :)


What a fantastic eyebrow!

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