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Greeneville, TN, Pt. 1


What to do with all those leaves in the yard? Hmmmm...

V was running around outside the other day in the wet leaves and I didn't want her to slip, so I decided to rake several pathways through the leaves for her. I made two big piles of leaves too, for her jumping enjoyment.

what we did with all those leaves 1

I'm sure that these pictures don't work as well in b&w as they would have in color, but I did the best I could. 

what we did with all those leaves 2

The paths kept us occupied for a long, long time.


Then we went on safari, where we saw an elephant.


And a friendly giraffe.

giraffe 2

Then, once we were sufficiently chilled to the bone, we came inside for some hot chocolate. It was a good day.

For more fun b&w photos, please visit Toni's granite that's waiting for just the right inspiration, Cloudscome's pine tree, Kristen's family's circus practice (so cool!), Shelli's boy and pup, Kate's cutie all bundled up, Elizabeth's pretty petals., and Liss' lovely photo of a wedding kiss!

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Ooh, fun safari! I love the running photo.


that running photo cracked me up! i had to include it. :)


I really, really like the giraffe picture!!! ;-) How fun!! P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a leaf filled yard!!!


Wayfaring Wanderer

What a fun idea with the paths......blaze your own trails!!

Monkey's Momma

Love the animals! Cute idea. Check out my post for today. I wrote a fairy tale, complete with B & W photos.

spread your wings

love the animal shots. The leaf pathways reminds me of when I was a little girl I used to make a house floor plan by raking the leaves into "walls" and creating rooms and doorways. then I would play with the little acorn people I would make out of acorns and sticks. hahaha

Fighting Windmills

We have that same elephant! Great job with the photos, as always.


such a good mommy ~ I can feel it!


I especially love the one of V jumping in the leaves. She looks so determined!


That looks like so much fun - we're practically treeless here - so we're pretty much leaf-less too...


Oh, I love the safari shots! Here's my b&w for today:

Thanks again maya!


What fun!!!

Thanks for posting my links...I forgot to e-mail you this morning.


What a great time outside!


That elephant photo perfect!! I love it.


I love how the animal shots turned out. The giraffe one looks real!

here is today's photo:


Oh, definitely a very good day. :)


HOW cute :)


really like the first and second


I need some of these animals as my son is having a jungle themed birthday party. They would make great table decorations. V always seems to have so much fun outdoors.


I love the one of V running through the leaves - priceless! The animal shots are great, too.

Here's my b&w for today (you'll have to forgive the writing):


Very fun! (And look at you being all sorts of popular :) You rock, way to put something awesome together here

rachel whetzel

Here's my link!!


I've got one up for today also! Here it is!


thanks, y'all! you're too sweet to me. :)

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