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Shutter Sisters / Superhero Challenge

I read Shutter Sisters every day and so I always see the superhero photo challenge, but I almost never go out and take the photo. When I saw the latest challenge on Friday - to take a picture of a leaf from the leaf's perspective - I thought it'd be great to do because of the whole black & white thing. I was a little worried that I couldn't take a picture of leaves on the ground in b&w and have it turn out looking like leaves, so it sounded like a good challenge to me.

Out of about 40 photos I took, here are the two that I liked the most.

leaves in b&w 1

I did what Maiz suggested in the comments of this post and used a few different adjustment layers, including the hue/saturation layer to give it a very slight green tone. Can you see it?

leaves in b&w 2

I think they look like leaves. What do you think? I really like the crazy shadows of the grass and the funky sunspot at the bottom in the second picture.

If you'd like to see more lovely b&w photos, check out Sarah's photos from the park, Alex's sweet little kitty cat, Kristen's gorgeous leaves and reflections, Toni's not-quite-b&w-but-close-enough photo of Lake Coeur d'Alene. Wonderful photos! Y'all are really inspiring me. Anyone else want to join in? Feel free - just let me know!


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Simply lovely!
Second day and you are already steps away from the starting point. You are going to be an expert of B&W pictures ;)

Sorry if my words may seem strange, I still have high temperature and it's 3am here. :)

spread your wings

yeah i think they look like leaves. the last one is really cool seeing the veins and the shadow of the grass.
i would like to take part in some of the black and white challenge you are doing. how do i get involved?


Wow...leaf litter can be so good in B/W. Love both photos and I can't decide which I like better :P I belive its autum where you are now but your shots seem to have hope of life in them (the small leaf on the big and a drop of water dripping down). Great!

These are my first shots in B/W and a small contribution to your theme...mine are a little gloomy though:-


Beautiful! I especially like the second one. The shapes are very seductive. And thank you for pointing out Maiz's excellent tip - I try to read through the comments but sometimes I miss something.


these are lovely! did you start a flickr group for these???? just curious. kristin


Okay, you weren't supposed to notice that tint of blue left in the sky in my post from yesterday! :P Today's photo is totally b&w. But if you left a tint of green in yours, can't I leave a tint of blue?? Ha!

I really like your leaf photos. I tried desaturating some of my earlier fall leaf photos and they just didn't look right. I'll try them again with the camera setting on b&w.


I love the leaf perspective!


@kristin - i haven't started a flickr group, since the project is only for a month.

Fighting Windmills

I can't see the green, but I like these two nonetheless. The veins in the second one are particularly beautiful.

Wayfaring Wanderer

The second shot is STUNNING! The light...shadows....bokeh.....AWESOME!


Oh I love these! Especially the first one. I don't see the green, but that could be my monitor.

I just looked at them on another monitor, and yes, I saw a slight greenish hue. Lovely!


These are so pretty! If I new the line to that song I'd enter for one of your photographs, but I have no clue. :)


the veins in photo #2 are so strong yet look fragile as well ~I am enjoying my shots in black and white and have 3 for tomorrow following a wood theme...thanks so much making this so much fun!


i swear, these are like heaven on earth!

robin bird

i'm with tracey, "heaven on earth". maya thanks so much for stopping by to visit in my absence and in spite of my inability to reciprocate. at the moment i am at work with rachel (my daughter the librarian) in order to fulfill my need for internet access and to visit my blogging friends. as soon as i parked here at your blog i got all excited again. i am very much looking forward to your house on springtree road becoming a regular stop off for me on my daily sojourns into blogland. these leaf images are amazing! your imagination is gold :)
p.s. and i loved the snob cats photo story too :)

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