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Snow day, of a sort

We woke to snow this morning and ran outside to play. Just look at all the snow!

v snow 067

Ha. Not so much snow. But V made several snow angels anyway.

Then I took some photos of this bush. I don't know what it's called, but I remember breaking the barky stuff off the branches of bushes like this when I was a kid. I loved doing that.

v snow 087

This thermometer used to be my grandfather's. I took a photo of it at the beginning of October. The temp is a little less than ideal here at the almost-end of November.

v snow 107

It's just Tuesday and already this week our world has completely changed. It seems we're moving back to Atlanta, as quickly as possible. We'll just call it a family crisis, for lack of a better term. I'm hoping we'll be there in time for Thanksgiving and I won't have to worry about how to roast a turkey anymore. Whew! That's a relief! So ... wish us luck. We're going to need it. And if you know of any good sales-type or sales trainer-type jobs available (or any other good job-finding resources in Atlanta), please send me an email and you'll be my new BFF.

Oh at all the black and whites! Check out Teresa's son's army of snowmen, Toni's vinca vine, Alex's game night, Jen and the girls are playing outside, Liss is in need of a rescue, and visit Isabella Knox with Shelli.

It's not too late to play along. Just be sure to email me or leave a comment with your link.


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Monkey's Momma

Good luck with everything!

Monkey's Momma

I wrote another post with B & W pictures of my dog Sadie. Check it out:


I just emailed you re: Atlanta connections...


YAY! More B&Ws. I love the leaf-angel. HEEHEE! Up here in Nebraska I think we hit 70 degrees today. IN NOVEMBER! Where are the 3 foot snows??? Where's the horrendous wind??? The last three winters have progressively become warmer and warmer. I dunno what to think.

My latest post is just me and my youngest. Hubby walked in, took camera, and caught some great memories.

I'm still experimenting and plan to post more later this week. We've invited over, um, 7 people for Thanksgiving this year. No family live near us, but there are students who don't have homes to go to so...we get to play mom & dad. I hope to get some great conversational shots amidst cooking and entertaining. We'll see...



Moving-didn't you just get settled in? Breath deeply-sounds like your family is in Atlanta and its warmer!!! I haven't taken any photos the last few days-hopefully tomorrow. Yours are great. I love the one of the golf tee in the past post and the thermometer too.

spread your wings

wish i had some leads for you here in Atlanta, but I don't.
I hope all goes smoothly for you with your move.
Love your B&Ws today.


I especially love that thermometer. You know you're in my prayers.


Oh, I think that bush is called Burning Bush. Does it have red berries? Here's a photo of one at our house (not b & w!) back in October.

I hope your move goes well.


I'm sending luck, and good thoughts, and hopes that all goes smoothly.

Lovely b&w shots. V was most determined to make an angel, I see!

I managed to break from color for a day :)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Love the snow angel shot of V! Lily wanted to go outside and make snow angels sooo badly yesterday when all we had were flurries. If she hadn't been sick with the flu, I'm sure she would've tried it, too.

Wish I could run over and help you pack! Just helped my parents move, so I'm getting pretty good at it. :-)


thanks, y'all. we need luck and good thoughts.



moving is not an easy thing to do ~looks like V has life in perspective tho'...make "snow" angels and all is well! hang in there Maya
my b/w images will be up in the morning at


V looks like she is having a blast, regardless of how much "snow" you had. Good luck with the move. Sometimes NOT having a lot of time to think about it is a good thing.

Here's my b&w for today:

Wayfaring Wanderer

Moving!? But, but, we didn't even get to have brunch at Melanie's!! Well, I hope it all works out and I hope the job hunting goes well. Good Luck!

Diane Schuller

The reason I only have one black and white today:

is because in my blog I posted colour photos of our MINUS 22 weather ... yes, that's 22 below.

Keep warm

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