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The Gray Fossil Museum

Sunday we went to the Gray Fossil Museum to see some old bones. The site was discovered in May 2000 and is the largest-ever tapir fossil find.

This is a fossilized tapir noggin. Tapirs don't look nearly so big on Go, Diego, Go!

v gray fossil site 061

And this is V giving the tapir a smooch.

v gray fossil site 063

Unfortunately, it was right around this time that V decided she needed to run through the museum at break-neck speed and check the quality of the echoes in the emptier rooms.

But I stopped and took a photo of the red panda fossil on our way out. Angry looking little fellow, isn't he?

v gray fossil site 109

So we hung out by the fountain outside so that it might feel like we'd actually done something with our time. Didn't work, but at least we tried.

v gray fossil site 129

And V had a chance to expend some of that boundless energy of hers.

v gray fossil site 151

And play with some turtles.

v gray fossil site 155

Which is really all she wanted to do anyway.

v gray fossil site 177


I'm taking all black and white photos in November and you're welcome to join me! For more lovely b&w photos, visit Alexis for what must be lower calorie cakes, Kristen for a beautiful dandelion and more,  Gayle for pinecones and a sweet childhood memory, Toni for a boy and his mom, Cloudscome's kitty cat, and Howard for two photos of alleys in Singapore's Little India.


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I love your photos!


Nice! But I'll miss your cheery orange pumpkin banner.


Oh I wouldn't want to meet that red panda in a dark alley. Looks like V had a fantastic time.


All the picture looks well done but the last 2 with V, imho, are the best ones! :)


wonderful b&w shot, I love them


You mean, the purpose of museums ISN'T to run around and test the echo quality?


what a great visit to the museum while I like the exhibit shots ~those of "V" make me smile and nod my head...I am a preschool music/MOVEMENT teacher!


These photos look fabulous in b&w! I saw a live tapir at a zoo, and I couldn't believe how big it was!


ha ha. amy's funny. :)

Kim Payne

Reminds me so much of our visit to the Chattanooga aquarium when Lizi was 4. We shouldn't have even bought tickets to go inside - the outside was so much fun!


awesome pictures and my sons our loving the Tapir lol!


V is adorable - love the photos of her. Bones aren't my thing, really. :)


Great shots...I love the one with V and her reflection. Are you using any filters for these...the black and whites have a steely tone that is very nice.


I back from my shot trip and will be posting my first photo tonight.

I am so glad a few of my blogging friends have decided to join in on your challenge :)


You are so sweet for researching how to add your button to my site! (I tried to email you again, but I got the email back.) I have some time today, so I'm going to look into the info. you sent me. Thank you!

Love your museum B & W's and V is totally cute!


LOVE these! Love the one of her grinning so big :)


i'm taking this challenge on! problem is, my camera doesn't have a b&w setting -- it's a heavy digital SLR. so, i hope you don't mind me cheating and altering it in photoshop. i won't add any additional will be pure! promise :)

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