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It's going well

Unstructured play

We spent an hour or so outside today, puttering around. The weather is perfect today! I've been shooting in manual for a while and I'll tell you, it's really hard to shoot in b&w and in manual mode when the sun is bright and the shade is dark!

After exploring a bit,

v outside 141

 and throwing leaves on each other,

v outside 043

v outside 058

we built a little fairy house.

v outside 177

It's not designed for wintertime, but I think it'll do for this evening. She might need to build a little fire though. I hope she's careful! Maybe I'll just knit her a tiny wool blanket instead.

v outside 160

Then we relaxed in the grass a bit.

v outside 118

Now I think we might bake some buttermilk bread, just for fun.

I've got two beautiful b&w photos from Shelli today, Jessica is showing b&w vs. color, here are two from Cloudscome, I especially love the first one of these from ELK, Liss has a lovely picture from Hobart, Tasmania, and Teresa's son stayed up to listen to Obama's acceptance speech. If you're participating, please be sure to either email me your link or leave it in the comments. And if I forget you, I promise it's not intentional so please remind me and I will add you. Thanks!


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spread your wings

sounds like a wonderful day you are having. i love the little fairy house.
It IS a fantastic day outside! enjoy the rest of it.


Okay, I'm finally going to officially jump in and commit to this. Mine is just a point n' shoot camera (Kodak Z740), but I have flipped it into b&w mode and am having a blast. Thanks for the challenge!


I've never heard of buttermilk bread - you should post the recipe. Your photos are just gorgeous, as usual! :)


the way you described your fairy play is the way I used to play with my girls ~your photos are so clear and real ~I am enjoying the this so much!

this is a link from yesterday b/w


Oh, I'm such a proponent of unstructured play...it looks like you guys had a great time.


Looks like you another wonderful day that this B&W make it look a bit "magical":)


Your photos today look so crisp! Funny, I really like shooting in the harsher light for black and white-It really is a different frame of mind. Sometimes I feel like my photos are so gray with little contrast. Here are my photos for today http://pepperpaints.com/2008/11/06/lets-review/


This sounds like fun... I'd like to give it a try... I love your photos!


Love your photos, love your story that went with them.

Here's my b&w for today. The photo is horribly out of focus, but it helped lead into my rant. Please forgive the quality.

Wayfaring Wanderer

I'm totally digging your black and whites....I particularly like the 3rd one the best.

I'm feeling some black and white inspiration coming my way.....I'll post one soon :o)


Here's my b & w for today!


Oh my gosh, my two youngest children and I used to build fairy houses outside! Thank you for bringing back that wonderful memory for me! Your images are so beautiful!


Woops, I had so much fun checking out all the great B/W pictures everyone has taken I forgot to comment. I love the fairy house it is so cute. A child’s imagination is such a beautiful thing.


These are awesome, Maya! You go girl - using manual! Good job!


I have a terrible time shooting manual in the bright sun. But it looks like you got some good shots!

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