It's going well
Moody and grey

V & Cottontail

As I'm sitting here, I become aware of V saying, "I love you, Cottontail. You're so sweet." That's my clue to get out my camera...

V & Cottontail 1

"Snuggle up with me, Cottontail."

V & Cottontail 2

"Goodnight Cottontail. Sweet dreams."

V & Cottontail 3

Is it Friday already? Thank goodness! I'm taking the weekend off but I'll be back on Monday, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or at least full of coffee. Take care and be sure to snuggle up with someone you love this weekend.

Here are some more awesome b&w photos: Two sweet dogs from Toni, another sweet dog from Gayle, a trick-or-treating photo from Shelli, cool junk from Keri (I want that typewriter!), stunning Queen Anne's Lace from Jessica, pictures from the skating rink from Kristen, a variety of sweet b&w's from Shaye (including a slideshow), and here's a photo of Sheri's adorable son (I want to pinch those cheeks!). I'm adding a second one from Kristen because I don't want to go the whole weekend without showing them off. They're gorgeous!

Love to take b&w photos? Want to participate? Here's the info.


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the imagination that I see from both you and V is truly endearing I think that the texture in the blanket along with the smooth bean bag really high liht the beauty that is her!!

have a nice weekend off ~ I am doing the same...more b/w next week!


I love the texture on the blanket! I am having a hard time finding things to photograph the last few days. Need to explore some new places. Here are a few more


Those are such precious images. Totally beautiful!

Fighting Windmills

That looks so comfortable! Great shots of V!


Really lovely photos. I just want to squeeze her (I hope that's okay).

Wayfaring Wanderer

Night, night.....Have a great weekend!


V is such a sweety. I love the DOF in the middle shot.

I have my second Black and white photo posted.


You are an amazing photographer and she is beautiful.


What an adorable little girl and wonderful photos. These are really special in b&w - I don't think color would have worked on these.

Barbara Frank

What a lovely blog you have! Thanks for stopping by mine :)


these are gorgeous! perfect for b&w.

I thought I'd join in on the fun when I can. :)


that is just sweetness. I want to be cuddled in a blanky right now too! she is adorable. I have another post...

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