Snow day, of a sort
She don't ever worry 'bout what's gone

Your dearest wish...

Monday, the night we realized we'd be moving to Atlanta right now, we got Chinese food. It seemed like the right thing to do in that moment. There were two fortune cookies. I gave one to V, and handed the other to R. Here is his fortune.

Things have to get better now 001

Right now, his dearest wish is for a good job in Atlanta. We'll keep you posted on that.

The truck is rented for Monday, November 24, and I'm hoping to be back online by Wednesday, at the latest. I don't foresee having a lot of time to blog over the next few days, what with all the packing chaos, but I'm sure I will update my Twitter here and there, so be sure to follow me if you're interested.

I don't want anyone to stop taking their b&w photos! I'm not going to stop. We'll be moving in black and white.

When I get back online, I will have a ton of photos to share, I'm sure. Please wish us a safe and smooth transition, if you have a moment. I'm also hoping to have a few moments to upload some of the photos to my flickr that I'm not going to have time to post now.

IMPORTANT: If you post b&w photos between now and when I'm back online, please leave the link in the comments of this post. (I was going to use Mr. Linky, but he appears to be ill at the moment) Just keep leaving your comments here; I'm going to love looking at the photos all when I get back. :)

But here are some for today: stranded in the forest from Diane, icing cookies from Sarah, an old insulator from Teresa, a palm and some flare from Shelli, dark and bright from ELK, Sadie in Black and White from Monkey's Momma, and I'm wishing Toni a happy birthday!


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best wishes for happy packing, safe travel and a job that will be just the right fit ~ you will be in my thoughts!


Maya, I hope everything goes smoothly with the move. I'm going out of town on Saturday, so I'll catch up with you when I get back.


Golly! That's sudden. Hope it's all you were hoping for!

(I moved five times in two years, and it really helped me get rid of a lot of clutter.)


Best of luck with the move, I hope the fortune cookie wish comes true. I am continuing to take photos in black and white.


I hope that your move is as stress-free as possible!


Oh, I hope the fortune comes true! Moving can be so stressful, try to find some time to relax. Definitely take lots of black and white moving shots! Here's my b & w for today (there's some color too):

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

What a great fortune to get! I always pull ones that have weird proverbs on them, like "The tall man humbles the rich." Great. I'd rather hear that I'm going to win the lottery, but whatever.

Here's to a smooth move and the promise of better job opportunities ahead!

lisa e.

ohhhh, i hope it does.


I hope everything goes really smoothly for you - I know moving can be tiring! :)


safe and smooth travels!

I hope the fortune is right on!


here is today's photo:

Monkey's Momma

Good luck with the move! Have fun packing!


I hope your dearest wish DOES come true. Good luck with the move. I hope everything goes smoothly and safely.

My b&w for today:

Wayfaring Wanderer

Hope things don't get too crazy.....We'll keep your spot warm :)


Good luck with the move and everything else. You'll be in my thoughts.


My b&w for today:


Not sure that first link worked, so if you click on my name in this comment, it should take you to my b&w for today.

Diane Schuller

May your move go smoothly and thank you for getting us started on this black and white road. I've posted one of a buck deer today at:

and one of my writer's bookshelf at Flickr:
(I really love this one and am so excited to continue with the B&W's)

Travel safe once you and your family hit the road,



Lots of prayers for that. Love you!

sarah jane

oh boy! what a big change. I do hope everything is ok. I never like hearing the words "family crisis" and I do all works out ok. doing the right thing always results in "wishes coming true". Best of luck! Keep us posted, and enjoy the holiday as best you can!

sarah jane:)


hey maya, i thought u just moved to this place :) Anyways safe journey and i wish the fortune cookie comes true

take care and god bless


Here's my last b&w for the month because we're heading out of town! I'll still be snapping in b&w though!

Click my name to go to the photo. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Maya, I've been thinking about you a lot, and I'll continue to do so. God Bless.


Here's my b&w for today.

Hope the packing is going great. I'm thinking about you!


That sounds like our decision making process when we decided to move our family from Sydney Australia to the United States. We made the decision in about 20 minutes...and then we started packing. Good luck with your move...I hope everything goes smoothly


Good luck with the move!


Maya, I hope the packing is going well.

Here's a b & w of our Parson Russell Terrier, Timmy!

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