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Me at three

Christmas in a small Southern town

Today, I went driving today to see some of my favorite old houses decorated for Christmas in Comer, GA.

v Comer at Christmas 041

I thought maybe I'd see a lot of over-the-top decorations, but things were pretty simple, which was lovely.

v Comer at Christmas 043

Below is the Comer Woman's Club.

v Comer at Christmas 057

This is one of my favorites. You can see it large, if you'd like.

v Comer at Christmas 061

May I always take the time to string at least one strand of Christmas lights. I've been guilty of not doing so in years past (don't tell anyone).

v Comer at Christmas 081

I'm a sucker for a nice sidewalk with a white picket fence.

v Comer at Christmas 074

My favorite. You can see it large here.

v Comer at Christmas 075

I'm participating in the Hooked on Houses "Hooked on Holiday House Tours." Please say hello if you're here for the tour. And if not, please check out the other tours. It's lots of fun, ya'll!


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Oh I love that last house. So elegant. The understated decoration is the best decoration of all!


Hi I'm here from Hooked on Houses - and that brick and white house is my favorite too! I bet their inside decorations are gorgeous.

If you get a chance, stop by my house tour!


Love them all! The last one is also my favorite!


Love them all! The last one is also my favorite!

Fifi Flowers

Love old homes! Thanks for the tour... LOVE it! ENJOY the season! Fifi


I love all of them!

Linda@Lime in the Coconut

Swooooon!!! No other words!


Such pretty houses. I'm with you... I love a nice white picket fence! Thanks for the tour.


Hello! I am here from the tour. Thank you!! :)


Considering this year's economy, I think a simple Christmas decor is just perfect. Thanks for the fun tour.


they are simple - simple and beautiful. that is my favorite. thanks for the tour - it's fun to take a walk through a new part of the world, even virtually!


What fabulous homes! I bet they are just as wonderful inside. They just don't make em' like this anymore.

Cathy :)


Gorgeous homes! Thank you for sharing (and thanks for coming by my "open house" today!

Becca Rose

We live in Perry and love the old Southern homes, too. Can't imagine living in a condo in NY or Chicago.

Donald Mitchell (Aka Raymanretro on Flickr)

You have a great eye for capturing architecture.

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