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N.O. Arnold's building

So way back in the late 1800s, there was this town called Edwin, Georgia. It was named in honor of Edwin Shaw, who owned the town store and had a post office established there. But then N.O. Arnold came to town, bought the town store and a bunch of land, and renamed it Arnoldsville.

Back when the town was growing, there was a gin, a saw mill, and a warehouse. My guess is that this building was one of these three things, but I don't know for sure because I don't know what a gin or a saw mill is supposed to look like. Don't those two need water? Anyway, I'm going to guess that this was Mr. Arnold's warehouse.

v arnoldsville 052

v arnoldsville 001

I know this was Mr. Arnold's building because above the window it says "NAT ARNOLD." I should buy a building and have my name etched in stone above one of the windows. That'd be cool.

v arnoldsville 043

The last time I remember taking pictures of this building, it was a lot more intact. You can see a photo (which I did not take) of it here (it's the building in the distance). Not sure what happened but it doesn't look like there was a fire.

Look at the little red berries growing up there.

v arnoldsville 010

Here's the underside. I thought that looked pretty cool, almost like someone painted it.

v arnoldsville 031

As always, it's the details that get me. Love this.

v arnoldsville 012

Can tree stumps fossilize? How long would that take? I tried looking down the hole in the center of this tree. I couldn't see anything, just pitch black. At some point, this was a lovely tree nestled right up next to the building, and now it's just some crazy-looking stump.

v arnoldsville 030

I could show you the inside of the building, but it just hurts my heart. Instead, I'll show you this, which makes my heart happy. Who gathers a bunch of rocks and builds a really big building with it? How long did it take how many people?

v arnoldsville 015

It looks like they used Georgia red clay to cement the rocks.

v arnoldsville 026

There are 22 photos of this building in my flickr set for Arnoldsville, GA. You're welcome to check them all out, if you're interested.


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Very cool! These are the places I liked to wander as a little girl. (OK, these are the places that I like to wander today). I'd walk along and imagine I was milling around with the ghosts of the past and completely forget being in the present.


Oh and the second to last picture is totally my favorite


Love these!


the hue in the stone walls and the brightness of the rust patterns

was V with you?


I love the shots of that pipe-type-thing sticking out of the wall!


@ELK - V was in the car with her daddy. :)


There is such history in this building, if only we knew what it was. From the second image, it almost looks like it should be a storefront, there since there isn't a door, that would rule that out. =) I love your detail shots of the rusted flue (or whatever that is) and the wire wrapped pipe. Very cool!!

Monkey's Momma

Love ALL of the pictures! Old, abandoned buildings are so sad, especially the ones with such cool character.


Ok, you live near the COOLEST buildings!


Reminds me of some of the old building I used to haunt as a young girl in the old Gold Rush towns. I love the detailed look at the rock walls. Beautiful.


Wow, that is a very cool building! Beautiful photos. You are inspiring me to go and take a look around my area for interesting buildings! (After Christmas, when I have nothing to do on the weekends!)


I really like the underside of that pipe - what a beautiful photo. And the sky was so blue. :)


You have some fascinating places in your area. Thanks for share this lovely site, I really enjoy old buildings and the history of places.

laura @ the shorehouse.

Your photos are always so beautiful!! And I'm totally drawn to the pipe picture. Something so simple just was magically turned into a perfect photo by you!


That is one blue sky!! Lovely.


that is such a beautiful building; it's a shame it's no longer in use.

it rather reminds me of the old mining ruins where I grew up.


thanks, y'all! you're all sweet as peach pie!


Oh, I love those pictures!

Randy Patman

This building was the Arnoldsville cotton gin (back when cotton was king!) The original gin was destroyed by a tornado sometime in the early 1900's. When it was rebuilt, they decided to use granite, which you can see, has withstood the test of time. Unlike the wooden parts. We (the owners) have a dream of SOMEDAY, restoring the old place.

Sybil "Michelle" Lucas McClung

Randy, you didn't mention anything about the store/gameroom and everything else it has been. In the beginning it someone mentions it and the Post Office but they leave it with Mr. Arnold but as part of history, the Patman name should be attached as owners also. I think this is wonderful that the time was taken to reference some information on that area and your family (including your dad Billy) should get some recognition.

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