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Rust is pretty

I didn't know a rusty old tractor could be so colorful.

V and I were outside, meandering in the yard, when she headed for the old tractor and climbed up to sit in the seat.

v rusty tractor 020

After working tirelessly for several minutes trying to convince her to let me take a few photos of her actually looking at the camera,

v rusty tractor 038

I gave up and went to work on the rest of the tractor.

v rusty tractor 056

I think I could take a thousand pictures of this tractor and still find more cool parts of it to photograph.

v rusty tractor 059

From rusty bolts ...

v rusty tractor 061

... to I have no idea what this is, but it sure has lots of pretty colors.

v rusty tractor 055

This part looks useful, but I don't know what it does. I'm not particularly knowledgeable about machinery.

v rusty tractor 063
But that doesn't stop me from taking pictures of it.


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Rust can be so gorgeous. I spent one visit home in the fall taking photos of a rusty piece of metal that happened to have a heart-shaped shadow on it. I loved it.

I just love the colors here.


Love it!


I just love rusty old stuff - such character and life! Great photographs!


oh what colors in the parts of an old tractor
~ you really found an unusual pallet! V so cute as always!

wishes to you and yours a 2009 full of fun!


Rust is amazing--I love that it's actually the same process as fire, just really, really slow.

Beautiful photos, of the rust and of V--what I would pay for stunning eyes like that!


Rust is very pretty, but I have an irrational fear of rust. Why? Who the heck knows.

V is gorgeous. Lovely pictures! :)


My recent comment about peace in your photos still holds. It seems that you have achieved a sort of zen moment - I hope it's reflective of a personal achievement as well although I know times are rough right now. It certainly doesn't show in your photos.


Rust is pretty! And so is V - she is just so adorable, even when she isn't looking at the camera.

laura @ the shore house

That second photo of V is gorgeous! She looks like a little lady. :-)

I love the rusty photos. I took a bunch of photos this fall of an old train station I discovered in a state park by us....I loved all of the textures and colors and parts and pieces. I downloaded those pictures and saved them...somewhere (grrr. I hate when I do that!).

Happy New Year!

Grey Street Girl

Rust is awesome. I had no idea it was so colorful until I stared taking pictures of it.

Great photos!


I love the last photo in this set. It is so interesting and beautiful!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Wow, your blog is looking so bright and pretty for the new year. Love the new header. And love the photos in this post! Very cool.

Here's to a happy 2009!

Fighting Windmills

These photos and the other changes you've made with your blog's colors are so well done! Happy New Year.


way cool photos. and a beautiful little girl too:)

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