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So far, I have written about four houses I have lived in, and I plan to do more. When we moved back to Georgia, I figured I might as well take pictures of the ones that I can. Tonight I updated two of those posts with photos of what the houses look like today.

The brown house I lived in when I was 7. Quite obviously, it hasn't been lived in for years. It's too bad, because it could've been one of those great houses like I love had it been kept up with.

The house by the graveyard is where we lived when I was 5. It's in a small neighborhood and has been taken care of just fine. In fact, the carport that the neighbor boy used to pee on has been enclosed (can't see it in the photo, though, sorry) - couldn't have been a bad idea.

There's also a house in town that I have been told my great-grandfather built. I haven't seen it in years and have no idea what it looks like these days. It's up on a hill and difficult to get to if one is trying to be inconspicuous (which I often try to be). But I'm going to attempt to catch that one as well (feels like I'm going hunting).

Ok, am I the only one this obsessed with houses? Hmmmm...


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Love your house stories. The boiling water story reminded me of the house we lived in before my parents divorced. It didn't have running water but we had a running hose, so yes water was boiled for baths in the kitchen sink (no tub) and in the winter when the hose was frozen snow was collected and boiled. No surprise my mother finally took me and left (for reasons not as simple as plumbing problems). As a child when this is all you know, it is not a problem - it was fun actually. I wish the house was still standing to photograph. I have good memories there. I need to dig through my photo boxes I know there is an old photo somewhere.

Grey Street Girl

Wow, it's really cool that you can go back and take pictures of these. I hope you can get a photo of the one your great grandfather built - that's really cool.

My childhood houses are too far spread out for that, but I have used Google Maps to see satellite images of them. Oh, the stories these places could tell....


I love houses, too. I spent the years from age 6 on growing up in an old farmhouse, which was sold a few years ago when my parents split up. The people who moved in stripped it of all of its character and made a huge monster out of it. Horrible.

spread your wings

i can't wait for a chance to read these stories about the houses you've lived in. I'm at work now and can't really stay focused on reading them.
Just the other day I used the google map to look at the house I grew up in. It didn't seem as if it had changed at all and it brought back all sorts of memories of good times.


How neat that you are doing this - I'd love to go back and take photos of my houses. :)

P.S. I got my photography videos in the mail Saturday. I'm just waiting on a spare minute to watch them!


Hi Maya,
Have you considered creating a blurb book with your childhood homes, and the stories from living inside them? What a treasury!

laura @ the shorehouse. are not alone. :-) I live in a historic town and am constantly trying to wrangle invites into homes! (and I'm getting pretty good at it, LOL.)

I am so sad for that brown house you lived in! I just want to scoop her up and bring her back to her glory days. You can tell it was a lovely home...just my style.


Oh my gosh, maya, I love to read your posts. You are a great writer and an amazing photographer. Your house posts whisk me away to places I've never visited. I'm so glad you're obsessed with houses!


I couldn't help but feel a bit sad when I read some parts of your stories, especially about the brown house. Although I did chuckle at you beating up the little pee-boy.


Maya, I don't know what happened, but my RSS reader was saying that there were no posts here for days and now all of sudden it says 8! So I'm going to catch up!

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