Have a holly jolly
It should always be like this

Wisdom begins...

We three went to the park the other day. It's a wonderful park - too bad it's going to be closed from January to April for repairs! V is already attached. I'll have a few more pictures from there over the next day or two.

Anyway, this sign is there. I love it and I just had to catch some flare to go with.

wisdom begins with wonder

I will probably mention this one more time after things calm down from ringing in the New Year, but I have gotten my own domain. If you read this blog through a reader, you can change it in your reader or not, but if you are kind enough to link to my site on your own blog, I would be grateful if you would update the link to the new domain. Thanks!


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That's a great quote. I like how you've captured a small rainbow over the W of Wisdom!

Grey Street Girl

Congrats on the new domain! I just got mine a month ago and I feel so fancy! :)

Beautiful shot!

maya | springtree road

@Grey Street Girl: I feel pretty fancy too, but it was easier and less expensive than I thought it'd be.


consider your self linked up my dear ~ the quote the flair ~ just right!


Great capture - love the flare AND the quote. I've been thinking of using my own domain, but I really like my WP theme I wouldn't be able to carry forward. I'm headed over to yours shortly. =)


nice flare!!


love the quote, and the theme


not theme, I meant photo


Happy New Year!! Nice shot there..the flare framing and highlighting the words...not an easy capture and well done :)

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