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CPSIA: good intentions run amok

You may not be aware of it, but the choices we have currently for our kids' toys, books and clothes are bright,  beautiful and sunshiney, like this house.

v around town 102

But on February 10th, the CPSIA may limit our choices to the point that they become dark, dank and dreary, like this house.

v around town 103

Now which would you prefer? Don't know what on earth I could be alluding to? I'm not so good with the facts and figures, so please go read Sarah Jane; she says it so much better than I could.


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I sent an email last week to my representatives and got a response back from only one of them. Didn't do much good, but at least I felt better about contacting them. Maybe the others will take it to heart more than the one that replied.


I forgot to mention that I see a lot of potential in that second house. A new roof and some fresh paint would do it a world of good. Perfect shots to illustrate your point.


It's about to get worse. Obama has mentioned he wants to regulate even more what gets sold to our children. No joke!

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