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I love that teapot! I have some of my grandmother's china, and I especially love to eat soup from the bowls. It reminds me of being in her kitchen in Germany.

Ann Kroeker


I sure hope she gets tired of it soon.

I love almost anything that was my grandmother's. And I love old teapots, even if they weren't my grandmother's (though sweeter if they were). And I love tea (though not old tea).


How precious!


your heart seems to be hurting with loving sentiments a lot since moving home my dear. as you know i can so relate to theses kinds of feelings.

spread your wings

i can see why you love it so and all the more so because it was your grandmothers


It's so pretty. Maybe you can convince your mom that she's tired if it now!


I have a few pieces of my Grandma's old china and some silverware of my Grandpa's. It's all very special to me. How about bribery?? Tell her she can't see V until she gives it up. Ha!


That teapot is charming! I can see why you love it so.


It's adorable. I took 3/4 of my mom's Christmas ornaments while I was home for Christmas. And yesterday, I told her next time I visit, I plan to permanently borrow more things. :)

laura @ the shore house

And in turn, if you get tired of it I will gladly take it. ;-)

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