I want this (1 of 3)
I want this (3 of 3)

I want this (2 of 3)

My mom also has this most adorable creamer. She used to admire it at her grandmother's house when she was just a wee girl, and eventually her grandmother gave it to her.

I admired it my whole life, but she won't give it to me.

cat creamer

She's got some nerve. How am I supposed to put cream in my coffee now?!


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spread your wings

awe this is so adorable - what a treasure


How cute!

I have to be careful not to admire things of my mom's or she's liable to give them to me. She's in a serious deaccession phase.


So cute! Bean would LOOOVE this! My grandmother had something similar... like a bird, I think? I should hunt that down.

Diana J

my parents have a bad habit of giving away stuff I love so when I was in atlanta over christmas I laid claim to my grandmother's piano. I told my mom if she ever gave it away I'd...well I don't know what I'd do...but it would be obnoxious. She promised she wouldn't.

Grey Street Girl

That is so cute!


It's so cute - I can see why you'd want this piece.


That is so adorable! But ha ha you got a fabulous photo of it so it's almost yours already.

I gave you the fabulous Butterfly Award for your blog. I always love visiting here!


Okay, that is even cuter than the teapot! Well, maybe they are the same amount of cuteness. Yes, I definitely think your mom should give you at least one of them!


Is it McCoy? I had a similiar little item that was my grandmother's, and I got on ebay and have found 5 of them over the years. They were all hand painted, so each one, although the same...have little different bits of variations of paint, color, etc. I LOVE your little guy! Too cute!


So it belonged to your great-grandmother? Wow, that's pretty special. It seems to be in super condition too!


it made me smile!

i can't wait to see the third thing!


what an adorable creamer!! that's very funny ;). so, i don't have the only mom who doesn't give things up so easily? with as many knick-knacks that my mother has, she wasn't willing to graciously hand me this old, planetary-thing (the planet revolves around the sun, it's so cool!). it's on the highest shelf amongst other stuff, collecting dust for heavens sake! oh well, i haven't a place for it anyhow...


Aww, that's so cute. :)


I love it--maybe your mom will let me have it?!


I LOVE THAT creamer~!!!!!!
what a happy, fun cat:)


I believe that's shawnee pottery!
I found one on etsy, similar, but not as cute.


found one- but it's $68!!

Jude Cowell

This creamer made me laugh when i was wee and your photo of it did just now - or maybe it was yr writing about it! ;p

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