I want this (2 of 3)
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I want this (3 of 3)

This was my baby cup. Should be mine, right?


my baby cup

I almost - almost - stole it. Just so I could clean it. And then I'd give it back. Yeah sure, I'd give it right back.

My mom knows me better than that!

Stay tuned if you're a photographer; later this week I have a really cute giveaway planned.


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Oh, yes, your baby cup should definitely be yours!


My mom gave me mine. It has my name engraved on it. I love it.


My baby cup is almost identical to that, and has a spoon to go with it. Guess that shows how close we are in age, huh?


simple beauty ~mine is somewhere too.


You are the rightful owner and I think you deserve it. Maybe we could start a partition to send to you mum.

Grey Street Girl

I think it's sort of neat that she wants to hang on to it. My mom gave me all my kid stuff and told me it was in the way!

Lisa E.

my mother in-law gave my son, my husband's(its engraved with his name, which happens to be my son's name, as it was his grandfathers and great grandfather). I keep it in his room. I love it.


I'm telling you, you need to withhold V.

Jude Cowell

Yes, Christie gave you that - it was part of a set with spoon and fork and you may have it any time you like! i use as a memento for her and to water small indoor plants, but by rights it's yours of course! yr ma

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