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Knitting: project four

Hats! For V!

v project 4 087

I've made V two hats - one is the easy peasy hat, knit from a pretty dark plum yarn that I got in a fabulous box full of fun stuff from Alexis. It's lovely and soft and warm and fuzzy. V loves it.

v project 4 005

The other hat I made with mercerized cotton that V picked out herself at the yarn shop.

v project 4 046

It took me all night to figure out that you needed to do a long-tail cast on in order to be able to join the yarn to knit in the round. But I finally had a light bulb moment, thanks to, and now I am truly addicted.

Of course that doesn't mean Miss V would sit still long enough for me to put the hat on perfectly for a photo, but I still think she looks cute in it.

v project 4 039

If you haven't heard the news, R has found himself a job. And if you haven't heard us rejoicing from where you are, then you must really be busy. Just stop and listen for a moment - you should hear be able to hear us!

v project 4 027

Though I hope to get adventurous soon and try something like the butterfly hat like SouleMama's, the hat I'm working on now is just like the one above only bigger to fit R's noggin. It'll be a nice wool hat for R to take to Winnipeg with him for the week when he goes for training for his new job. And I'm also trying to finish that scarf so he can take that too!



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spread your wings

so happy for you guys - congratulations!! and I love the hats.
sure wish i could knit - i'll take a look at that link.
your photos of V, as always, are so adorable. (T loves purple too).

Camille Dawn WIlson

WOOHOOOOWWWOOOO!!! Congratulations R on the new job!! I'm wooping for you all the way in Washington! =)


So happy about the job, and the hats are lovely! Well done.


Congrats to your hubby on the job! And V looks adorable, as always, in the hats.


Congratulations on your good news! Those hats are really adorable and so is the subject wearing them. I just recieved some beautiful green yarn and needles as a gift from a friend. Now if I could just figure out how to use them....


Wow! You do beautiful work! V looks so cute in them!

Grey Street Girl

These are so cute! Great job!


Congrats to your hub! Veddy veddy nice hats. Are you on ravelry?


your news about the job is really encouraging,
V in her hats, such a treat to see ~ they are bright and full of color and life!

Shealynn Benner



hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!

oh, you are making me want to learn to knit. I love hats and scarves, but cannot buy any more because I have too many already. But if I made them .. tee-hee. I am tempted to put an ad on Craigslist to find a nice grandmotherly type who could teach me. Except that I am pretty sure the right person wouldn't actually use Craigslist, LOL.


I'm happy your hubby got a job! Congratulations!
And the hats are so sweet! V's so cute and her eyelashes - incredible. :)


Congrats to you and r :)
and V looks cute in the hats :)


Congratulations on the new job! The hats look super!


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!! A job. Wahoo! Congrats on that and the adorable hats!


Hoorah! Congratulations to R. Will you be moving?

maya | springtree road

@amy - we will be moving. but probably not for a couple of months.


If I understood well V chose the cotton for the lighter hat... she got great taste!
Well, I guess it's normal because her mom surely does great shots and hats. Can I have one too?;)

P.S. I am glad that R found the job, finally! (hug)


You know I've been cheering for you guys...!

Love these hats, Maya. You are very talented.


I should really send you my entire stash of yarn because you put it to such lovely use. V could have beautiful hats in every color of the rainbow!


You're a pro already! Love the colors of both hats. I knit too-just very tight and very slowly. I wonder what that says about me.

maya | springtree road

@elisa - measure your head for me and i'll be happy to knit you a hat!

anybody else?


Oh my goodness! The purple is adorable...


congratulations to your husband!
and to you - very nice job with the knitting. those are two very lovely hats.
i think someone already asked you this, but have you gotten on ravelry yet?

Lisa E.

look at you, your fourth!!! Yohooo for you!

and here I haven't even started my first. Oh well, maybe for next winter.

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