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My first blogging anniversary will be coming up on January 31st and I have had a great first year here at Springtree Road. I so appreciate all the comments and emails I've had from all of you who have been kind enough to visit me this year. You all really make my day, over and over again. And I want to make 2009 even better. With all the social media - and information on social media - out there, I figured I'd have some fun with it. I've already been twittering for a while, so please follow me if you like and I'll more than likely follow you back (I tend not to follow people who are just there to promote weird marketing websites I don't understand, but other than that, I follow most everyone who follows me).

The first new thing I've done for 2009 is to get my own domain. So you can tell all your friends it's now http://www.springtreeroad.com. There have been a few troubles along the way with my feed, so if you run into anything, kindly let me know.

Also, I joined Facebook a while back but haven't touched it again until last night. If you want to friend me on FB, that'd be supercool. And you can also join my network on FB. When I get 20 followers, my blog feed will appear there, which would be cool. I know I can put it there manually, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I have so many ideas for things I'd like to do online, but not the time to really get them going or figure out how to implement them correctly.

The next item in my quest for blog domination (ha!), is my second New Year's resolution, which is to open an Etsy shop. You can go there - heck, you can even heart me - but the shop is empty at the moment. I have a few things on my to do list, as you can see.

I think that's it for now! Anything I missed? Anything you're doing that's really fun and worth the time that I should be doing? Any questions for me? Please let me know.

Coming up this month, I'll have some musings on how I learned what I know about photography, an awesome children's book review, another in the series of houses I have lived in, some photos from my new Diana camera that I suppose I won in a contest but really feel like it was a gift from a friend, plus the usual ramblings.

Later, tomaters.


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Is that a literary reference that I don't get (the world domination thing). My husband uses it all the time. I thought it was a quirky expression of his but now I'm wondering...

I love your enthusiasm today - I could use a little of it. You go get 'em girl. Since we're already FB friends you can check that off the list but I can't help with the twitter thing since I DON'T GET IT.

Happy Monday to you Springtree (or is it Ms. Road?)


I am surprised how similar we are...well trying to do more with our blogs, and opening up an etsy shop at least. I have been on facebook for a little while too, and really enjoy it. I will go and find you there and at etsy. I opened my account at etsy, but nothing is there yet either! and how about flickr?? LOL!


You go girl!

Grey Street Girl

You are world-wide! I did the same thing a few months back. It feels good, doesn't it?


I love blog domination springtreeroad style!!! I absolutely cannot wait for your photography entry because I am ready and willing to learn and any tips I can get would be great.


Yay, Maya! Can't wait to see what you'll do once you achieve blog domination!

Sure wish I understood facebook. Sometimes I feel so backward! Sheesh I just figured out flickr last week!

Monkey's Momma

I friended you on FB, and I also put my blog on there. I plan to open an etsy shop too, but I am not sure when. Hopefully by February!


i support any and all things you do creative maya. you have a real talent with that camera and your storytelling... well you already know how much i enjoy that. FYI your feed is working again in my mail which makes me very happy :)


What fun things you have coming up! I've really enjoyed your blog and photos & I'm so looking forward to more of all of it. Happy New Year to you! :)


Hi maya! i can't wait to watch you dominate the blogging world. don't forget us little people now :).


You are a busy woman! I'm with Amy, I don't get Twitter. And I don't do Facebook - I can barely keep up with all the blogs that I follow, I can't add something else. Count me out!! =)


you go! I'll get a plate of cookies and watch you, I think. Tee-hee.

I am not convinced on Twitter yet, but who knows .. but what if I'm secretly a weird marketing website pusher person! I will check your FB thingy though .. I do enjoy that site. :)

I feel like I've heard of the Diana camera, and that it gets neat images maybe?

Fighting Windmills

Wishing you all the best this year, Maya! I will support you any way I can. It's pretty funny to think of "hearting" your empty etsy shop.


You're gettin' the job done!!

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