...but most of the time, it does.
Sometimes I like to forge ahead, even when I feel I'm not ready

At either end of the dirt road

Just down the road from where we are now, there's a small field. It's lovely and green and just a tad bit hilly. When the sky is blue and the clouds are fluffy, seeing this field makes me happy to be alive. I keep trying to take a good picture of it and I keep failing miserably.

I've passed this field countless times, seen these two houses behind it and at either end, and always wanted a closer look at each of them. Somehow, I never really noticed that there's a dirt road that runs behind it. The road has a sign naming it, so I felt free to drive through.

At one end, there's this house.

at one end

I have the feeling that the people who live here might be the only ones who ever use the road. When I was driving along, I passed a man in a truck. I gave a little wave, as people often do out here in the country, but he didn't even look at me.

At the other end is this house.

at the other

I wish I were brave enough to get out and have a look-see. But I'm not - especially not with V in the back seat. So I kept moving...


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That second house looks like it could be in a horror movie. I think you were smart not to stop!

I have noticed that a lot of the houses you photograph have metal roofs. Are they common in the south? I almost never see them in the NE. They are really neat!


I love those pictures. I feel like I can feel what it's like to be there. I agree with Gayle that you were smart not to explore there! Take R sometime and a big baseball bat!

spread your wings

oh if T was with you, she would definitely wanted to get out and explore. what is it about these places that make us want to explore? They are interesting from afar too though.


Phew! I'm glad this is not a picture of your new house! ;)


Oh the tree in the second one looks it it is guarding that scary house! Does someone really live there? The first one looks like a house straight out of a movie with those rocking chairs on the front porch.


I totally thought of Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I saw these houses. Creepy

Monkey's Momma

Maya, You just never know what you will find down an old country road, do ya?

Great pics!

laura @ the shorehouse.

Ohhhh....not surprisingly, I totally want to explore this house!!

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