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Now that I've completed it, I realize that there are not too many people I would knit a 6-foot long scarf for.

v the scarf is finished 002

There's only one person that I can think of, really.

v the scarf is finished 001

And while I'll be sad that he's in Winnipeg for the week, training for his new job, I'll be happy that he has this scarf to keep him warm.

v the scarf is finished 003

Well, warmish. He will be in Winnipeg, after all.

Anyway, I think he's gonna like the scarf.


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Ohhhhh.... I like the scarf! And I don't even live somewhere that it's needed, but it would be worn.

Diana J

you're alone in the trailer this week?! girl, the admiration I have for you runs deeeeep


I think he'll like it too!


Well, if he doesn't like it you can send it to me.


I love that scarf! Where did that yarn come from because I need to make one!


It came out GREAT! I love it!


wow. the scarf turned out amazing!
i don't see how he *couldn't* like it!


Maya, when I read your tweet about this scarf I thought you said it only took you three hours! When I came here and read that is was six feet long, I was in awe. Three months makes much more sense! I must read more carefully! It's beautiful! I'll bet your husband is going to love it!

spread your wings

wonderful scarf - it looks VERY cozy and i'm sure he will appreciate having it in Winnipeg


Well done! I agree, not many people rate such a scarf.


I am starting to wonder how long your husband's neck is :)

I like the colour of the yarn.


the texture is amazing Maya...six feet?!?!


It looks very cozy and warm indeed! I could definitely use it today. It's freezing here!

kate oren

that looks like an awfully warm scarf. he doesn't like it. I have an address where you can send it? LOL.
It is freezing here in OH.


I love the creamy scarf and the new banner - Winnipeg is not far from here...


The scarf is beautiful.


Lovely scarf! You are making me want to learn how to knit!


Wow, it looks so warm and cozy. I love the color, too. I'm sure he'll love it. ;)


What a wonderful yarn! I woke up to a 4 degree morning--and took pics for my blog outside in my pajamas! I could have used a nice scarf like that. Your husband is lucky!

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