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Sometimes I like to forge ahead, even when I feel I'm not ready

Yesterday, while riding along with R on our way to the home inspection, I decided I'd try to knit a small bit of a tube on double pointed needles (DPNs). One of my (many, overly ambitious) knitting goals is to be able to knit socks, and DPNs allow you to knit a tube small enough to fit your leg. Or your hand/fingers for mittens and gloves, another goal of mine.

DPNs of death 014

I was really intimidated, but I went ahead with it and, well, it wasn't so bad! It's a little weird at first, with all those needles hanging around. And I'm still afraid to try an actual pattern. But it was a good experience.

DPNs of death 011

What I'm afraid of is making a mistake. What do you do? Start over? I think that's what I'd have to do. I've been really careful when making my hats, and I haven't made a mistake serious enough that I couldn't compensate for it in some way, so I haven't had to rip anything out. But if I did, I wouldn't know how to do it.

DPNs of death 020

So, any knitters out there know of a super easy sock pattern I can knit on US size 3 DPNs? I've looked on Ravelry (wanna be my Ravelry friend?), but haven't found anything yet. Also - I have giant feet - US size 10.5! How did that happen?!

What do you think of the double pointed needles? Fun? Confusing? Just takes a little practice????


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Yay you! Nicely done. I do love DPNs, though when I knit in public folks usually ask "Ya got enough needles, there?"


So cool! I haven't tried DPNs yet, but I will feel like a real knitter when I can do that!


Humm, you are totally ready for a sock! Search Ravelry for a sock pattern using size 3 dpn and then knit the length of your foot minus 1 3/4 inches (length of most toes). You can also find a pattern that looks scary using size 3 needles and omit the pattern and just knit the rounds- I do that often.


hooray for dpns and knitting a tube!!! very nice!

i found this sock pattern generator online - it will give you a pattern for a basic sock, you just have to put in the needles size, gauge, ankle measurement, etc....

spread your wings

looks complicated to me. but sure would be nice to be able to knit some socks.


congratulations on your tube!

here are a couple patterns you might want to check out:

these would be good if you're not ready to futz with a heel yet:

(although heels are fun! you could totally do it!)


Very cool! I once knit a tube scarf for one of my daughter's bears with dpns. It was fun, but it took me forever! I am a very slow knitter. Have you looked on Knit Pattern Central? They have so many links to all kinds of patterns.
I have a Ravelry account that I never did anything with. Sounds like me with Facebook, doesn't it? I'll try to go on tomorrow and become your friend!


Wow, that's a lot of needles and I wouldn't have even the faintest of ideas to do what you are doing. No help here!


Great work on the little tube! I'm looking for a pattern on size threes I know I have one somewhere...


You're brave, for sure! I have a friend who found a tutorial on knitting in the round using circular needles, think I'll have to try that before trying 3 DPNs! Not any help here either, just cheering you on! :)


i've gotta hand it to you -- you're braver than I am. Knitting always scares me a little though i know once I do it, it will probably be very easy. I'm just not one for reading directions, i need someone to show me (visuals!)


I love to knit and have used dpns many times, but I have never made socks. I have a fear of small needles. Although if I made socks I would probably use the magic loop method and knit both socks at the same time. This would cure a big case of one sock-itis that I would surely fall prey to.

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Recent blog post: Weekend Explorations

Wayfaring Wanderer

Sometimes that's the best way to learn.....just throw yourself in there!


They totally look like torture devices. (The needles, not the toasty looking sock beginning).

That's probably because I'm absolutely uncoordinated with that type thing. Good for you! Lookin' good!


You are doing great! You are right, it just takes practice to get your fingers used to holding and turning and switching needles. I am knitting my son a tie now on DPN. Looks like you've got the start of a nice tie right there.

BTW, I make mistakes all the time. You just pull the needles off and unravel below the mistake then pickup the stitches again. If no one interrupts you while your doing it there is no problem. Just don't put it down unraveled to go see why the kids are screaming or whatever LOL.

I started knitting socks from an ancient book my mother gave me when I was a kid. I've seen a lot of patterns online lately. Just google easy free sock knit pattern. It's fun and quick once you get the hang of it. Good luck!


Oh boy, I'd be dizzy.


I hate DPNs. I think I have mentioned on twitter how afraid I am of them. But I have to use them for the tops of hats...*sigh*. Socks? You brave, brave woman.


Yay for you and working on DPNs! I finally learned how to do this without tears over Christmas. I am not on to socks yet but have been thinking I should. I'll take the plunge with you.

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