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The prettiest house

This is the prettiest house I've seen in a while.

v Washington 149

There are trees in front of it and I couldn't get a good picture. But that didn't stop me from almost running off the road trying.

v Washington 154

Lucky for me, there is a church right next door and the side of the house is almost as pretty as the front. This next picture is my favorite part.

v Washington 152

This house is in Washington, GA. Every person I've ever known who has come from Washington, GA, has nothing but good things to say about it. If you love old houses like I do, it is a most dazzling place.


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Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Oh, my goodness! Look at the detailing on that house! I'm swooning. Totally in love. This is one special house!


Oh! It looks like a wedding cake! Love it!

rachel whetzel

WOW the gingerbreading on that front is STUNNING!!


it’s beautiful! i was also going to say it looks just like a wedding cake! :^)

this is the kind of house that, in my town, unfortunately always gets turned into a funeral home. :^P


That is so pretty - I'm amazed at the detail on that house - I love it!


Simply stunning. I do love Washington, GA for the houses there!


Oh wow, that is so pretty! And the sky is a perfect blue behind it, too. :)


It is beautiful and you captured it perfectly. And I love the new header. Hope you're well. Is R getting ready to start the new job?


Yes, that is the most beautiful house!

Diana J

I think I'm too practical to own a house like that, beautiful as it is. My first thought was, Oh dear god, how often do they have to paint that? Must cost a fortune! Etc. ha ha ha


So beautiful! And your new header is lovely!

spread your wings

wow the detail is amazing . must be a full time job to keep it in such pristine condition.


Oh my! I think you're right about this house being one of the prettiest. The detail is amazing! Love the turret and the porch!


Really, truly, lovely.


WOW..:) thats a beauty


Yes! Its beautiful! and elegant indeed.


Wow! What a beautiful house! I love porches.


This house is totally amazing and beautiful! The details, wow! I can't tell from the photo, what is the roof made of? Is it a metal roof?


Gorgeous! What a stunner of a house. Don't you wish you could spend just one night in that house? I do.


It looks like a doll house. Why oh why did we stop building things with beautiful detail?


Oh man, gorgeous! I love it. :) I do wish I could see what it'd look like painted some weird victorian color combination, but that's just the warhol in me. :)

Nice shots!


That IS a gorgeous house. Normally I think white houses are boring, but with this one it really works and I think color would do it a disservice. Well done!

Monkey's Momma

Beautiful! It looks like an oversized doll house.


the windows are the same blue as the sky (reflection, I realize). it is such a pretty house.

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weird .. I'm trying to figure out how a magic link appeared, LOL

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