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The two hurricanes I've lived through were quite enough, but I will take this hat, please

So I'm making this hat, called the Hurricane Hat (Ravelry link), with a couple of my own modifications and I think it might be the best hat in the world, or at least knit in the prettiest yarn in the world.

v the latest hat in malabrigo

This yarn? Yes, this yarn is why I knit. It's absolutely gorgeous, so soft and pretty. This hat is, of course, for V. This will be her third hat to my zero, but I'm kind of hoping there will be enough of this yummy yarn left to knit my own hat.


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wowzers. that yarn is amazing!
i'll keep my fingers crossed that you have enough leftovers to make yourself a hat as well.

spread your wings

yes that yarn IS amazing! I love every color in it. you must have matching hats.


Oh, those are beautiful colors. It would be so cute if you and V had matching hats!


that yarn is amazing! it would look oh so good with my purple down jacket. :)


Now how many hats does a little girl need? I'm sure it will stretch if you don't have enough for your own. =)


Malabrigio is delicious and those colors will look amazing on V!


I dont have the patience for knitting, wish I did. These colors are beautiful.


It's beautiful!


I made my first born's first baby blanket with Malabrigo, purchased in my favorite yarn shop in Bath Maine. It is truly beautiful.


I love that yarn, and as soon as I learn to purl, I'm going to find some and make some hats for my poor bare-headed children!

I learned to do the long tail cast-on last night, so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today!


I think it's time you knit yourself a hat!!!!


Really a very nice colour there...I have always been fascinated by how a ball of yarn can become something to be worn.

Maybe when my wife and I start expecting a second child I can consider taking up knitting so make a blanket :P


that colorway is stunning- and isn't malabrigo a dream to knit with? V is a lucky girl!


The yarn is gorgeous and will make a beautifully colorful hurricane.


That yarn is seriously beautiful! And you hat looks gorgeous.

Amy in PDX

I'm working on this hat and was searching for sample photos online when I came upon your photo of your beautiful hat in this delicious looking yarn! Is it indeed Malabrigo? Do you remember which colorway? I tried to match it at my LYS, and thought it looks closest to Deja Vu, but the yarn in my hand looked more pastel. I'd love to know what it is specifically if you have a moment. I'm seriously in love. Thanks!

maya | springtree road

It's not Malabrigo! It's Manos del Uruguay. When I wrote that post, I knew so very little about different yarn brands.

I believe that the colorway is called Wildflowers...

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