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For about a week or so, I feel as though I have no words. I've tried. I have all sorts of things I want to say and even a few drafts (I never have drafts, I always finish writing posts), but they're just not coming out in any way that I find appealing. So, pictures from the other day when it was raining.

This is where the infamous burn barrel used to be. It was a metal barrel that had shots fired through it to circulate air. It rusted and eventually fell in on itself. Finally we got rid of it. Don't blame me - it wasn't my idea. Lots of people have them out here. I just like this picture for the swirly pattern.

v umbrellas in the rain 012

Her umbrella says "Tink" and has Tinkerbell on it. V thinks "Tink" is a funny word.

v umbrellas in the rain 074

She also thinks it's funny to say, "It's not TinkerBEM, it's TinkerBELL!"

v umbrellas in the rain 081

See, V asked me how to spell "bell" and I asked her what letter makes the last sound in the word and she said "m," as she does sometimes when she knows the answer but says something else because, well, 3-years-old, that's why. So I said, "M? M?! It's not TinkerBEM, it's TinkerBELL!"

And hilarity ensued.

v umbrellas in the rain 046

So, yes, she's in love with her Tinkerbem umbrella, if you couldn't guess...

v umbrellas in the rain 034

Apropos of pretty much nothing:

There are a lot of cedar trees here. They remind me of my grandparents' house - they had one in the backyard. I used to swing from one of its branches by my hands when I was a kid. As an adult, I went out back to see the tree one day and it had grown too high for me to reach the branch.

v umbrellas in the rain 036

Please bear with me while I search for my muse among the low-hanging cedar trees.


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sweet lil one. It is the winter I think. We all need spring.


I agree that tink is a funny word


Ooh, love that last shot.

spread your wings

your words are great the way they are.
love, LOVE that last photo. and V is so cute - as always - with her little umbrella .

maya | springtree road

thanks, y'all. :)

i think we all could use a little bit of spring right about now.


I love it that your pics and tours speak louder than words..your small woods look like my imagination of the place where Hansel and Gretel got lost!


There was absolutely nothing wrong with the words written here. I'd be ecstatic if i came up with them. =) V is cute, as always, and I agree, Tink is a funny word. LOVE that last shot!

Monkey's Momma

Hey! Tink would be a great blog name!


I am , your muse will come back soon, not that I noticed it missing.

V is such a happy little girl.


I think your muse is within you. She will emerge when you least expect her.


Great photos. Today's high is supposed to be 70+ degrees! So outside and do something fun! Maybe your muse will come back.


V is such a cutie! Your photos are so great! You really capture V's joyfulness! Also, I love the last photo. Amazing DOF!


What a free spirit V is! Love that pic with the tongue. You'll find it. I realized I just wasn't expressing myself the way I wanted to because I needed a completely different blog to do it!


I always love your words...when I was V's age I had a yellow umbrella that pumped full of air to stay up. Oh, I loved that umbrella...and I had forgotten about it until this day.


It seems like each age that they get too you think, Oh this is the best age, but then they get older and it just gets better. Hmm, maybe not when they are teenagers though. LOL

Don't worry about not saying too much. Sometimes less is better. That was a great post. Too many words would have taken away from the pics. :)


How sweet!! Great shots of V...I particularly like the last shot of her walking in the forest, kinda reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood going to visit Grandma. :)

I know 3 year olds can be so wonderfully cute when they speak...my boy will be 3 this year and already his logic can really melt my heart :) Kids..they can be a real joy in life.


It'll come back. And hopefully? It'll bring mine along too.

V is so fun :) She'd love the Tink movie... we watched, liked it, and now own it. Funny from a person who was kind of anti Disney movie for little ones. (I like Disney though :)


Maya, no worries! Your pictures say it all...

Trinity Mommy

LOVE your photo's! Such a lovely blog you have!


i was the same way last week and kind of this week...no words! i can't find anything inspiring to say, maybe it's the seasons or the moon or maybe i'm just plain tired since D's been out of town. i don't even think i'll manage to pull together a post tonight because my cozy bed beckons :). g'night...


I havent had many words lately either. I love taking pictures but need to invest in a MUCH better camera. Pictures say it all sometimes. These pictures say that your daughter is a happy little girl and her mother loves her very much.


you kind of just slipped that muse photo in there at the end and i love it. words fail me so much of the time. i have such a difficult time posting on a regular basis because of that.

sometimes i think it would be nice to record my random thoughts for a day...well actually i talk out loud so that would be easy...so that i could use them rather than forget them!

Jude Cowell

Great photos as always! Maybe 'Tink' reminds her of 'tinkle'...?

All these pics favor her Mom at 3 actually, esp the funnyface one and the smiley one! But i would know that of course... ;)

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