...but most of the time, it does.


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I like them all! Neat houses! Thanks for sharing!

Terry Kearns

And Tuscan column and composite columns and Egyptian columns, and collosal columns, and stacked orders, I'm getting really confused...

Kimm at Reinvented

I'm with you, it's ionic for me! I'm pretending like I could actually afford a house that gorgeous...

Mary Beth

Oh is a toss up between the Corinthian and Ionic...I love them both.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

I never thought about having a favorite type of column--all of these are beautiful, but the third house down is really speaking to me right now. Beautiful!


I think I like the Corinthian best, which surprises me because I usually like less ornate things. I also really love the roof on that house!

Arleen @ Seasons for All at Home

I majored in art history for several terms at college and loved it! We studied the history of paintings though and had not yet begun to learn about architecture. I changed majors before I studied architecture. I'd choose the Corinthian column as my favorite.

I love the photos you've chosen to share here!


i must have been home sick from class on the day they covered this... i like the last picture because it has the most decorations and especially the swirlies :)


Good morning Maya :)

I like Doric best. It's simple and yet stately. The houses are all beautiful though.

Oh and you can take photos anytime! ;)



Beautiful photos! I'm not sure which is my favorite...they're just lovely. Reminds me in a way of my brief visit to the Acropolis many, many years ago.


I wouldn't say no to any of them.


I think I'm liking Ionic best, but I wouldn't say no to any!
~angela @ peonypatch

spread your wings

Ionic has always been my favorite. such impressive homes. (thanks for the refresher course)


Loved this post! Ionic is definitely my favorite. Simpler lines and all that.
Thanks for sharing!


I never thought about having a favorite column...but for this post I really like the corinthian - that house looks amazing!


I am taking the middle way and saying Ionic.


When I was in college, I did a paper the geographical distribution of architectural styles in the college town we lived in. My husband and I would walk up and down the streets noting, categorizing & mapping the homes we saw according to details of columns and such. This post really brings back that memory! I like ionic best. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful, I really hope to travel to the South in the US to see these homes in person. Thanks for posting!

Suzy Homemaker

I took the same type of pictures for my daughter last year for her project on Greek Architecture. It was nice studying the columns. I wouldn't want to be the painter on some of those houses.
Thanks for sharing...


I like Ionic best, too.


I like the Doric best.

Fifi Flowers

It was always important to know your column styles in art history class! I think I like Corinthian best too... definitely the prettiest!


I guess I am a corinthian type of girl.


Before I even read what you wrote I picked the Ionic. Love the simplicity of it. Corinthian is a bit too fussy for me, although it is still pretty cool. I took Art History in college and don't really remember any of this stuff. It has been a while...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue sky background in that first picture. Adore it.

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