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Why so glum?

This is a photo of Jack and Sybil from my small collection of family photos that I've swiped over the years. I've heard their names before, but I don't really know who they are.

jack and sybil

They don't look very happy do they? Still, I love this photo. I suppose I love all photos parents take of their kids.


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I love your photography.


Oh my gosh, this is so funny and so cute! The looks on their faces are priceless!


I love old photos. They do look very serious. I bet you had to stand really still to get those old photos. They were probably scolded and told to stand still and quit goofing around. I don't think they had time outs back then.

Recent blog post: Copy Catter

Recent blog post: Copy Catter

spread your wings

i just love these old photos. my brother sent me just yesterday of my dad as a child. it does seem like often times the expressions were very serious. (i like what Natalie said - haha)


I know that people didn't smile much in those old photos because the exposures were so long....but looking at these little guys, I'm impressed that they stayed still long enough for the photo to be taken!!


They do not look happy at all. Reminds me of some photos of my mom when she was that age. She wasn't happy, either.


I love old photos and the writing on the back of them. That's one thing I miss about the digital age, turning the photo over and learning a little more about the picture.


Totally reminds me of my nephews when some people, (*ahem* grandparents/everyone who doesn't know that the best pics of kids are unposed *ahem*) force them to stand still and pose for a traditional family picture. They don't much like stopping their frog chasing and mud squishing to smile for 10 minutes.

I don't blame them.


I guess this is the reason people tell ya to "smile and look at the birdy" since the 30s or 40s. I'm loving it!


I have family photos from that time and the people in them all look unhappy. That must have been a hard life back then. Those two little ones sure are cute even if they aren't smiling.

laura @ the shorehouse.

I just love the photo...puss faces and all. :-)


working in a copy shop once a lady brought in her old black/white family photos to copy for the family -- her old family photos were unique because -- they were smiling!!

I just had to ask why -- turns out her family were 'carnies' (carnival/circus) performers/workers -- not a straight face among them -- it was very odd to see late 1800's early to middle 1900's photos with people smiling, and the photos were so cool -- some of them were not posed! But they were slightly blurred in places because it looked like someone walked into the room and said freeze and everyone froze to the best of their ability.


That's a great picture, and I love your new banner!


i love old photographs- there's something about the coloring and ruggedness that makes them so endearing (despite the grumpy expressions!)


amazing photo. can you imagine whoever took this picture probably painstakingly did everything they could to get those kids to sit still for more than 15 seconds? There's only one chance! Maybe that's why no one looks very cheerful in so many old photos :)

Jude Cowell

Sybil and Jack are the children of your mother's Aunt Lillian on your Granddad's side, your first cousins once removed...

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