This old house


Didn't last long, but it sure was sweet while it lasted.


If I'm scarce over the next two weeks, it's because we're moving. We're starting to pack this weekend and moving next weekend. Yay! And let me know if you wanna come and help. Ha!


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That looks so snuggly and perfect.

Good luck moving!

spread your wings

she looks so serene.
good luck on your move if i don't hear from you before then. i hope all goes smoothly.


Wait, just how many cats are in that picture?

Next time I move, I'm calling you for tips!

Good luck!


so cute. really. love!


Wish I was curled up in that moment.

You'll be missed. I hope the move goes smoothly.


SUPER cute! And boy, right now? I could totally use a few soft kitties to snuggle :)


Didn't you just move a couple of years ago girl? Good luck with everything :) - I hope all goes smoothly.


Wow! Your kitty looks bigger than V!

How exciting! I'll be right over to help! Hee hee. Can't wait to see you house!


Gah, not "you" house, "your" house!


Can I come and help? Ha ha..

I hate packing..but I love moving!


My son once said we should move every three years or so - it's the only time the house gets really clean! Ha! Yeah, I hate cleaning house. V looks so cute all snuggled up with the kitties. Good luck with the packing and the move.


What an awesome picture of V and the cat! Best wishes for the move to your new house! I can't wait to watch it all unfold :) xo


What a beautiful photo.
Would love to help you move but you live too far away!! All the very best to you, hope the move goes smoothly.


will be sending you happy thoughts :)


Aww, so sweet! I hope your move goes smoothly. I will be sending you good moving vibes!

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Lisa Renata

I would love to help. lol.
Good luck with the move. I am very excited for you.

I see V is also skipping her naps. Little R won't take naps anymore. Buaaa. I need the peace and quiet.

Monkey's Momma

Very sweet pic!

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