The Ocean Always Wins


This is the same chimney I've written about before. I drove past it the other day when we were out and stopped for a pic or two. You can also see it large, should you so desire.


When my brother was a kid, he said it chimley instead of chimney. In fact I think he still does; he's silly like that.

It's chilly and rainy here and the yard is full of mud. We've packed up most of the kitchen so we're having pizza for dinner. Can't wait until this part is over - the unpacking is going to be a lot more fun than the packing!


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That chimney is so neat...and yes, unpacking is so much for fun than packing!

spread your wings

what a cool photo


Wow! That chimney is so cool and how neat that it is part of your family's history!

Packing...I do not like! I agree that unpacking is much better!


I don't like packing or unpacking, either one. We always saved the kitchen for last - pretty smart to do it earlier, that way you get out of cooking! Great shot of the chimley - love the angle.


i also called a chimney a chimley, and often still do.


I know people who say chimley...

Terry Kearns

All little boys say chimley. "Chimney" is so stupid! Smokestacks are way cool though.


What a great photo against the blue sky. My grandma said chimley, too, and no one ever corrected her. :) Good luck with your moving!

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